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Current Inspiration


So how do I summarize all of my current inspiration into one page?

I'm not entirely sure that is possible.

Originally, my intention was to update this page weekly with things that sparked something for me.... but shortly after arriving in London in August 2017 (to start an MBA program and work full-time) I realised that wasn't feasible.

So here are my current thoughts:

I am inspired by the fact that we all have our own journeys and paths here in this crazy thing called life and I love learning more about all of them, and having my own viewpoint/attitudes/beliefs expand because of the difference between them.

You never really know the impact you can make on someone else's life. The smallest thing could end up meaning so much more.

Intention is so important. So I try and approach everything from a space of good intention.

There's so much more to this all than we know, than we are ever really capable of knowing, and at some point we need to make peace with that.

Everything... and I mean EVERYTHING should be embraced (the good, the bad, the ugly, the scary, the unknown). Only by embracing and accepting it do we really allow it to come to be.

We are all beautiful and incredible and wonderful in our own light (I know this sounds very hippy-ish, but its true). We all have something amazing to offer the world even if we don't fully understand or believe in it yet

We are all connected.

And finally.. we are never really in control, we just like to create the illusion that we are. But realising this, and giving up control/surrendering can be so powerful and freeing.

That's my current stance anyway.

Thanks for taking the time to read <3

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