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Current Inspiration



July 24th, 2017


My current period in Seattle is coming to a close (which in and of itself is kind of nuts).  I am finding that I have been most inspired recently by being aware of the present moment. 


With London and my MBA program right across the pond (literally) I seem to be drawn to incessant thoughts of wanting to sort all of it out:

-What will my exact focus be?

-How will I use the program?

-What will it all lead to?


And I seem to want all of the answers....RIGHT NOW.  But that isn't really how life works.


A friend from intention inspired posted a link to the following article and this quote really resonated with me.


"Just because we have a question doesn’t mean instinct will answer it for us right now. In fact, after I asked my instinct if I needed to answer those questions, it told me no. Instead of asking the same questions over and over, start by asking your instinct if this is even something you need to decide right now. Chances are, if you instinct says no, there’s more you need to experience before you’ll be able to know the answer, anyway."

So that bring's me to my song selection for the week - Kid Cudi's by design.

Not only his Kid Cudi's story in and of itself inspiring (he took the steps he needed to check in and heal himself in 2016) but this song (well a good chunk of it anyway) feels like my life right now:

"I see every thing with new beams, I do dream
My eyes are glowing mood rings
Stop dueling with the truthing, I do think
When you think too much you're removin' what's moving

Tap into the frequency, love..."














 Book for the moment is "The Curious Incident of the Dog and the night-time" 

My mother and I have a tradition of going to see some sort of "event" (something live) for our Birthdays, as I will miss both of ours as I fly out to London next week, I am taking us to see the theatrical version of one of my favorite books next Saturday in Seattle.


I have a feeling it will serve as part of my inspiration for next week, but in the meantime here are some highlights from the book.


“I find people confusing. This is for two main reasons.


The first main reason is that people do a lot of talking without using any words. Siobhan says that if you raise one eyebrow it can mean lots of different things. It can mean "I want to do sex with you" and it can also mean "I think that what you just said was very stupid."

Siobhan also says that if you close your mouth and breathe out loudly through your nose, it can mean that you are relaxed, or that you are bored, or that you are angry, and it all depends on how much air comes out of your nose and how fast and what shape your mouth is when you do it and how you are sitting and what you said just before and hundreds of other things which are too complicated to work out in a few seconds.

The second main reason is that people often talk using metaphors. These are examples of metaphors

I laughed my socks off.

He was the apple of her eye.

They had a skeleton in the cupboard.

We had a real pig of a day.

The dog was stone dead.

The word metaphor means carrying something from one place to another, and it comes from the Greek words (which means from one place to another) and (which means to carry), and it is when you describe something by using a word for something that it isn't. This means that the word metaphor is a metaphor.I think it should be called a lie because a pig is not like a day and people do not have skeletons in their cupboards. And when I try and make a picture of the phrase in my head it just confuses me because imagining an apple in someone's eye doesn't have anything to do with liking someone a lot and it makes you forget what the person was talking about.” 


“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.”


 "Eventually scientists will discover something that explains ghosts, just like they discovered electricity, which explained lightning, and it might be something about people’s brains, or something about the earth’s magnetic field, or it might be some new force altogether. And then ghosts won’t be mysteries. They will be like electricity and rainbows and nonstick frying pans.” 


And my favorite because it is literally my life right now... in this moment:

“And I know I can do this because I went to London on my own, and because I solved the mystery…and I was brave and I wrote a book and that means I can do anything.”