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August 1st 2017


So I would be remise if in all of my weekly inspirations, I neglected to put a post about my mother.

She has been my biggest inspiration my whole life.


I was supposed to edit this, but well.... I didnt (lol). My mom will probably murder me for posting the entire thing in all of its glory, but there really are some gems here.



We spent the day together yesterday, running errands followed by an evening of celebration and love.

I recorded the following video.


By her request, I took out the visuals, however I have left it in its unedited form.

I think it provides a really good snapshot of the world according to Juliyya and Maria Vandenburg


Some Explanation that I think might be needed


-My mother references how she pronounces the term "bidness" -

I will get around to uploading the other two videos I recorded to youtube at some point soon, I just need to get myself settled in London first.


-Hashem - A dude that I used to talk to awhile ago in the past, my mother obviously still thinks I have strong feelings for him 


-Mrs C - Dorothy Compinsky - My violin teacher in both Santa Monica and Seattle, we both love and appreciate her. 
















The video is a bit long, but it's worth the wait.

Copyright of "You Never Met a Girl, Quite LIke Me" 1982 by Juliyya Vandenburg.

Recording of a night of inspiration shared between Mother and Daughter

Lyrics are:
You never met a girl quite like me, I am told 

You never gave one a chance 
You never wanted involvement of any kind 
You had no time for romance 
But can you feel it when I'm around  
Got you reeling? Got you tumbling down....and down.. and down....
I never met a man, quite like you in my life 
I never gave one a chance 

I had no time for romance, 

but then I feel it when your  around 
You got me reeling and tumbling down, and down, and down....
Can you feel it when I'm around 
I can feel it when your around

Got me tumbling down and down and down.....