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August 1st 2020: The Launch of My Work

Updated: May 21

I wanted to take a second to slow down and communicate something that is incredibly big for me, the beginning, the start of me truly stepping out and into what I consider to be my life path.

I've spent the last three years working on these things and on August 1st, I will be launching three. I would be incredibly honored and thrilled if you chose to join me in any of them. With the exception of my book itself, I have made them all pay as you wish, as it is my heartfelt desire that ANYONE who would like to be a part of anything I am offering has the ability to do so.

1.🌟 The "Embrace Your Authenticity Writers Group" 🌟

This is a space I felt called to create within Intention Inspired. For me, personally, there is such power in being able to authentically tap into EXACTLY how I am feeling, no matter what I am feeling in my current moment. This group is intentionally designed to provide that space for you, and also provide us all with a safe and loving community to come together and share what's going on with us.

With COVID and all of the chaos around, self-isolation has never felt more prevalent and real, and I want to combat it. I want to remind you that you're not alone, that I'm here, that this group is here, and, most importantly, that you are enough, just as you are.

I have also felt the need to make the group free of charge. In August we will be using the writers club to host my book launch and dive into Authenticity, and will be meeting monthly beyond that. Details on how to join can be found here:

2.🌟 30 Days of Authenticity 🌟

30 Days of Authenticity is about making peace with who you are, just as you are.  I am also navigating the waters as we work through the challenges and waves life throws against us, sharing tools and tips that have helped me along the way. I am by no means a master, I’m just a fellow person on this crazy journey called life. I would love to explore it a little deeper by engaging with you in each daily session. 

Each day of the challenge will include:

  • A carefully designed micro-challenge to safely facilitate personal growth beyond our boundaries

  • An affirmation to solidify our awareness and intention

  • An “Akasha Record,” a novel that goes hand-in-hand with this series via the main character. This is the heroine’s journey of this series, bringing us into the world of Akasha who learns to embrace all of who she is

  • An Authentic Moment of Clarity to further build upon the challenge of the day 

  • A journal prompt to inspire profound insights and personal revelations

  • Regular reflections to enhance the journey

As mentioned above, in my heartfelt desire to create the space to allow ANYONE who would like to participate in the journey to be able to come along for the ride, I have decided to make this "Pay As You Wish" (valued at $99.99) for the month of August 2020, while I am hosting it live. You can find out more details here:

3.🌟 Crown Jewels: The Akasha Records (Book One)🌟

Pictured above, my first book is available to pre-order on Amazon here: and will be officially released to the world on August 1st. I loved the words that my cover artist Charlotte Rose Jones wrote about me this morning, she said: "✨ What would you do if you met your shadow? Maria Vandenburg’s fiction novel The Akasha Records is the first in the Crown Jewels trilogy, set in a time where every human has a ‘shadow’ - a physical manifestation of their unconscious thoughts and beliefs - which takes on an animal form. "

The Time: 1073 AD The Place: Gibraltar Book One of Crown Jewels On the night of the December full moon, Akasha is grieving the loss of her first love, Raoul, and has a fateful meeting with a life-changing being. A vision leaves her confused, having been told that she holds a great destiny, when all she really wants is to hold onto her sanity. Tariq enters her life and her world is further upturned. How can she be so enraptured by him when she is still grieving Raoul? They learn of the Crown Jewels and how if used correctly, have the ability to completely transform the world. Akasha and Tariq soon realize their destiny is much larger than themselves; a combined mission to bridge the divide that exists between the Worlds of Light and Dark. But are they willing to do the work and inner alchemy to dive back into the ancient ways? Are they willing to ultimately be brave enough to step into their destiny? ***** Crown Jewels: The Akasha Records is designed to go hand-in-hand with 30 Days of Authenticity. Each day of the 30-day series holds an "Akasha Record" to allow you to individually go through Akasha's heroines' journey. The journey to know and embrace your own Shadow, transmute your fear into faith, and learn to love all of who you are, just as you are.

Finally, I really and sincerely do hope that you will join me for my book launch at 9:00am PDT on August 1st (Hosted in my Writer's Group)

👉 RSVP here

I have had so much moving through me recently that I haven't really had the chance to slow down and really be with and process what a big moment in my life this all is. The launch of my work out and into the world. I am so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you, whether I talk to you on a regular basis, or it's been years, or perhaps we have haven't had a chance to meet (yet). I am grateful for you. And I would love to have you join me in any all of this!

Any questions, let me know?

Thank you for taking the time to tune in and cheers to what August has in store for all of us. ❤️

Interested in learning more about my personal journey?


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