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Beginning Again with the Inner MBA

Updated: May 21

They say that you should only do one big transition at a time, I seem to love NOT following that particular set of logic. Over the course of the last few months I have

  • Left a job and company I loved

  • Temporarily moved in with my cousin and her family while in transition

  • Found what I'm calling my dream apartment in Seattle

  • Started a new job with which I am still onboarding into

These transitions for me have not been easy, included within them has been cycles of self judgment, fear, anxiety and doubt. I have isolated, withdrawn and then judged myself for those withdrawals.

Why am I sharing all of this? Because this morning I experienced hope for the first time in a minute. This morning we had the opening event for the third cohort of the Inner MBA Program.

This morning I felt like I was coming back home within myself. I felt seen and heard in a beautiful community, and I felt grateful for the opportunity to begin again.

As to what my focus and intention with the Inner MBA will be this time around? I shared the sentiments above (a renewed sense of hope, gratitude to being in community with like-minded people, the idea of coming home) and what I am calling "coming back to center." My life has been in a self-created downward spiral these last few months, and my hope with my devotion to myself and to this work is to let that go, to simply rest and "be." To let go of the pressure and expectations I have been placing on myself and truly just come home to this moment.

My hope is for release and strength and clarity and movement, but that comes from letting go of any expectation and attachment to exactly what that strength and clarity and movement looks like. It comes from letting go of the burdens I have been placing on myself. It comes from trusting, surrendering and coming to really express and appreciate what a beautiful and powerful opportunity it is to be here, now.

So that is my hope for this program and this journey, the opportunity to begin again, to begin a new and to reconnect to all that I am right here and right now.

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