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Diving into the world of me (with a slumber party)

So I just spent the last three days with the folks from my MBA program - all culminating in a "slumber party" or as the University called it.. a Residentual.

It was absolutely incredible, because as I wrote about in my last entry, these guys have all come to feel like members of my family. The last 3 days just helped to strengthen that bond.

We spent a significant chunk of the time learning about ourselves, which is fitting because ultimately one of the things that I have been tasked with right now is figuring out "What does Maria want" (and in all honesty, I feel like I don't have any freaking clue, other than make the world a better place and be the best me that I can be).


Faffing about: fiddling around - said along the lines of "I think he's still faffing about on his computer"

Blooming: bloody - freaking - "It better not be a blooming (insert noun here)"

Hey Ho: Anyway...

The day started off with the acting Head of the Department, Dr. Katalin Illes asking us to take a moment to center ourselves and be present (not kidding).

It was actually kind of amazing because it's a practice I make the time to do every single morning, so to have that as the opening was kind of the best. We straightened our spines, relaxed our shoulders and thought about someone "who makes us smile." I'm still smiling actually haha.

I could tell that it made some uncomfortable, but really taking that moment to just breathe and focus on the present and then on what we wanted to contribute, I think sets us all up for success. Even if some aren't quite consciously aware of it yet.

We each gave presentations on leadership (I put my newly formed video editing skills to good use with an introductory video on gender and the workplace), got our insights reports (where I am apparently a coordinating supporter both consciously and unconsciously - i love the green energy apparently, with a little blue thrown in for good measure) discussed emotional intelligence, the corruption of Ford, our opinions on Jeff Bezos, and so so much more.

It's actually kind of hard to find words to describe this group of people and this time that I am spending on trying to figure out exactly who I am, and what's next for me.

What's up immediately though is writing an "action research proposal." Which means I need to spend some serious thought reflecting on what I need to work on/what I would like to achieve with this program. Next year I will be completing my "Space for Risk" and the idea is that this research proposal will help inform and plan towards that. The only problem is that right now I feel like I have no idea. Do I want to go to Uganda? Do I want to plan some massive event? Do I want to make a structured plan to finish and work on publishing my book? Do I want to do something tied to work? Do I want to do something aligned with music? Luckily I don't need to figure it out RIGHT NOW, however, I do need to start wrapping my head around something soon...

So that's what these next few weeks will be about, well that and how awesome Croydon is and how much I love the Metropolitan Police (that's the assignment for the other module).

Anyway, one step at a time right?


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