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Let's Talk about Race, Baby. Let's Talk about You and Me...

Updated: Jun 27

I wrote this blog and recorded this video a few months ago on the active steps I am taking in my life-long commitment to be an Anti-Racist and I wanted to share with you three things that I am doing currently to participate in a way that makes sense for me.

Lynne McTaggart's Weekly Intention Experiments.

Every week (typically on Weds at 9:00am PDT) Lynne will host us in an intention experiment on her FB Page. I have participated in these before and they are one of the most powerful practices I know of. It's like group prayer but more focused on intention and visualizing change. Recently, she has focused on COVID but also on racism in America. During one of these meditations, she asked us to envision how we can affect change within our own communities and it was through completing this visualization that Courageous Conversations was born

Courageous Conversations

Working with a woman that I love named Keisha, we will actually be launching the first of these this coming Saturday (July 25th) at 11:00am PDT. Our intention behind courageous conversation is to provide a brave space to expand our consciousness beyond racial injustice and our first conversation will be about Systemic Racism vs. Conscious Racism,

Background and more details of this can be found here:

Unity of Lynnwood's How to Be an Anti-Racist Study Group

Life got the best of me and I have missed the last few weeks of this group, but I have been INCREDIBLY inspired by the work of the Unity of Lynnwood team and the facilitation of this study group for all of us. Not only is How to Be an Anti-Racist by Ibram X. Kendi an incredibly powerful book, the weekly discussions I had, the open-heartedness of the team, the facilitators and the bravery of the participants also fueled my fire and desire to create my own opportunity for similar dialogues within my own community (thus, courageous conversations was also born).

As Keisha and I both talk about in this video that explains our intentions behind Courageous Conversations it's not about "right" or being "wrong," it's about being open. Being brave enough to dive into the uncomfortable, to dive into the unknown, to allow some of the shadows to surface and provide a safe space to bring them to light. Change doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen, and we are all witnessing that change as we speak. I would love to have you all come and be a part of our dialogue.

Sending love and light to you all! ❤️


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