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Reflections on 30 Days of Mindfulness

I just completed 30 days of Mindfulness with Intention Inspired, our monthly focus for June and July and wanted to take a second to share my experiences with-in the course. Every month with Intention Inspired we journey through a group course. Last month's focus was on mindfulness, up next? My own course: 30 days of Authenticity

Sailing into the Unknown: Photo Credit: Johannes Plenio
Sailing into the Unknown: Photo Credit: Johannes Plenio

30 Days of Mindfulness. Day 30. I am Mindful

I have gained so much from this course! The key takeaway for me has been what I said in the opening call: "Moving from the Head to the Heart to the Belly." Grounding everything into the present moment. When I'm able to get to the space of doing that, it allows me to move into a deepening sense of trust as I realize I don't need to try and control the ship as we sail off into the unknown, and also forgive myself for everything thinking that I needed to try to control it.

This has shown up with me realizing:

🌳 My personal struggle with mindfulness. It was only by getting real with where I was at that I was able to create the space to accept it. That started with admitting that being in the present moment was difficult for me

🌳  My willingness to stay open when I want to close. This was on SO MANY different levels but in relation to this course it was with the internal battle with myself in thinking that I would never actually "master" being in the present moment, to realizing that I never actually have to master anything, I just have to be willing to be open

🌳  To not take myself so seriously. This is one of my crutches, my blind spots. I can be SO HARD on myself. So I've made a point to find the humor in the struggle recently. I've laughed at myself quite a few times. I did it earlier today actually, I spoke aloud "I am just SOOOO wise"   and then I started hysterically cracking up.  Doing this, finding the humor, helps me to tap into the nature of my inner child. Which, when I'm connected to her and her childlike state of wonder, magic can happen. 

🌳  I am becoming more comfortable with the uncomfortable moving into trust. This really is the central theme of my life currently. And mindfulness has helped me to really deepen into a sense of trust, in releasing my need to want to control, in just being in the uncomfortable, the unknown because I'm trusting that everything will be what it is, and it will be perfect for me.

🌳 My awareness to my deepening connection to my body. I have LOVED LOVED LOVED this. Because for my whole life I've been disconnected. Living in my head, or living in the ethers, not fully present or grounded or in the here and now. And how can I really experience life if I'm not fully present for it. This has been the deepest gift for me and has really transformed my entire life.

🌳  That I can make peace in the chaos by consistently coming back to the here and now

Overall, I have deepened my conscious connection to my higher self from either zooming out to the 30,000-foot view as Gia says and/or looking up as my mentor Kathianne Lewis says. I've deepened into my personal relationship with the energy of love and am aware of its presence within ALL of my relationships. And as I mentioned above, I've deepened into my sense of trust by relaxing into the flow which is HUGE for me.

This course has also provided me with the reinforcement that I am exactly where I'm meant to be and everything is and will always be perfectly timed, and the reinforcement on the embrace of my Shadows (which is a perfect tie into 30 days of Authenticity and the publication of Crown Jewels which really centers around this EXACT concept).

I almost don't have words for how grateful I am for it (although I just wrote a sh*t ton of them)

If any of you are interested in joining us for the next one (which will actually be hosted by me), I would love love LOVE to have you.

👉 Details here:

Sending love and light to everyone.


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