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Regulating the Nervous System with Tami Simon and Jeremy Hunter

Have you ever heard of the Inner MBA? It's a conscious business program put on by Sounds True that I have loved since it's inception a few years ago.

In advance of the next cohort (which I really do hope to participate in), Jeremy Hunter and Tami Simon hosted a webinar to talk about how to regulate our nervous systems.

I was astounded by how much information was covered in a one hour period. If I could glean so much in such a short period of time, imagine how much would be possible if I was to do a deeper dive with Jeremy on what he defines as our three different zones:

Topics covered were how we all have three primary states of being: red, green and black. Often times, we aren't aware of being in the red or black zone.

I can speak from personal experience to say I wasn't consciously aware of the fact that I was in the red zone most of lthe year, last year. Which then lead to a crash into the black zone that I am only just emerging from now. You can read about that here:

Ideal state is green. That doesn't mean we don't ever slip into the other zones (we are human after all). BUT, we are more aware of when we do and we then ideally take the necessary steps to get us out of flight or flight responses. Which is what happens when our nervous system shuts down.

So what does one do when they notice themselves pulling to far in one direction?

Jeremy talks about grounding practices and doing something that we love. Examples he gave were spending time with your pet, putting on some music, going outside in nature, etc...

My biggest takeaway was remembering how much I really do love and miss Sounds True.

And I was grateful to be able to have the opportunity to share space with Tami Simon and Jeremy Hunter, both who have long inspired me.

More to come! 💖


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