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The Journey to London

So I have approximately 5 weeks left in Seattle, I fly out on August 2nd, 2017.That is so insane to me!

I started counting down about 20 weeks ago, and the fact that I am just over a month away is kind of taking my breath away. I am incredibly excited and terrified at the same time. So let me rewind a bit.A certain number of years ago I was born at the Westminster Hospital (haha, I have leave some mysteries!)I spent the first four years of my life living in St James, London. Now, I return to go and get my MBA at the University of Westminster. I kind of see it all coming around full circle. I will be a part of the first intake of their new Aspiring Director's MBA (I will literally be in the inaugural year of the program)

I will be serving on four different Board of Director's

  • A Corporate Board

  • An Entrepreneurial Board

  • An International Board

  • A Not for Profit Board

In four different roles: CEO/Managing Director, Human Resources / Organisational Development Director, Finance and Resources Director, Marketing and Operations Director.

There's even a Space for Risk part of the program. What will my space for risk be? Who will I be working with to define it all? At this point I have no idea.

Does it terrify me? Yes.Am I excited to go and conquer it all? Of course. But I'm also impatient! There are so many things that I need to sort out between now and then. Where will I be living? Will I have time to work part time? What will my community look like once I am over there?

Deep down, I know it's all going to work out and that I am going to learn and grow A TON, but it's also really nerve-wracking to step out of comfort zone and just go. Especially with out being entirely sure of exactly what it's going to lead to afterwards.

One thing I do know is that I have a feeling that it's going to be great. Despite my nerves and fears, I think this is going to be an incredible time for me and I'm excited to dive in and work on figuring it all out.


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