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Valley of the Kings: Journey to the Underworld

It was a hot day in the desert that brought us to the Valley of the Kings. I seemed to experience an ancient remembrance while there. While the valley was hot, the stories written on the walls, the "book of knowing light and dark, the book of what is in the underworld, the book of caverns, and the naming and taming the hours of the night" felt familiar. I don't know if can adequately explain this, but I am excited to become more conscious of it all down the line.

We visited three different tombs: Ramses III and VII and Seti I

We didn't make it to the Valley of the Queens, but I am determined to see Nefertiti's tomb at some point during this life time.

My re-emegence from the Tombs. Photo Credit: Byron Reaney

The valley contains 63 tombs and chambers, it is quite extensive with recent discoveries in 2005 and 2008. King's Tut tomb is located here (with the jewels found within the tomb on exhibit all over the world, most recently following me back to London - the exhibit opens here in November).

Photo Credit: Random Guard inside the Tomb

I found the decorations and adornment incredibly fascinating. I love how powerfully the Egyptians believed in the afterlife and went to every level of effort to map it out for the rest of us.

Isis and Osiris


I was absolutely inspired here. You wouldn't think a trip to the imagination of the UnderWorld would do that... but it did.

So much more to come... someday <3

First step in

Up Next: Sekhmet (I know I keep saying that, but this time it's true)

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I'll love you forever... well I will probably do that anyway but still <3


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