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Welcome to Eurostar

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

I got chills the moment that the CEO popped into the Eurostar Boardroom to greet all of us and say those exact words.


I have just kicked off my first board experience with the University of Westminster MBA Program.

The client: Momentum Services, Eurostar's Catering and Customer Service arm

My role: CEO

My next few weeks: insane.

But, it's been really great so far.

Team Building in the Boardroom
Team Building in the Boardroom

Items I have learned today

Bin it: Throw something away

This board experience will all culminate in a 2000 word report and a presentation that will take place the third week of June.

Following that? I would like to officially test out Eurostar's and Momentum Services by taking a quick weekend trip to Paris. I think I will have earned it at this point!

I have enjoyed the experience so far, but we still have quite a bit of work to do as team between now and our final deliverable.

Although initially intimidated with the fact that I drew the CEO card, my team has been fantastic and really it is much more of a collaborative dynamic. Of course I step in to make sure that we are on track and focused, but really I view us all as working together to offer the best solution/recommendation that we can come up with collectively.

I also kind of love that I am starting the whole experience off in this role. Ultimately what this MBA program has shown me is that I want to lead, that I am meant to lead, so it's proven to be really nice to have an initial taste of what that all could look like.

More to come!


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