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What would life look like with 30 Days of Authenticity?

What could we do with 30 Days of Authenticity? Journey with me in August 2020 as we explore.

Designed to go hand-in-hand with Crown Jewels: The Akasha Records (my first novel), 30 days of Authenticity is about spending 30 days in a state of acceptance. Not with how we think things should be, what we think we are lacking, how we can’t do something, or aren’t ready for XYZ, but really in a state of authentically making peace with exactly how things are - JUST the way they are. What would happen then? I plan to spend August 2020 exploring that with you. I would love to explore it a little deeper by engaging with you in each daily session, only a 15-minute investment of time each day.

Each day of the challenge will include:

👑 A carefully designed micro-challenge to safely facilitate personal growth beyond our boundaries

👑 An affirmation to solidify our awareness and intention

👑 An “Akasha Record,” a novel that goes hand-in-hand with this series via the main character. This is the heroine’s journey of this series, bringing us into the world of Akasha who learns to embrace all of who she is

👑 An Authentic Moment of Clarity to further build upon the challenge of the day

👑 A journal prompt to inspire profound insights and personal revelations

👑 As well as regular reflections and a loving community to enhance the journey.

Inspired by Danielle Laporte and “wanting to live in a world where love guides commerce,” I have made the decision to make 30 Days of Authenticity Pay as you Wish while I am running the course live for the month of August 2020 (Valued at $99.99)


Because I want to live in a business-centric world that is ruled by my heart, and this seems to be a natural space to take that first loving leap to get myself there, the first act of trust if you will.

Because I want EVERYONE who feels a pull, draw, desire, urge, calling to be a part of 30 Days of Authenticity to be able to be a part of it regardless of their financial situation

Because I believe in you, and I would absolutely love to have you along for the ride."

So come and join me? Details on how to sign up are here:

👉 Sign Up


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