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The Art of Being


**Just Me** 
Day 23. Remembering the magic of yesterd

My name is Maria Vandenburg.

I once had a job interview where the CEO of the company pulled me aside afterward to provide an unofficial mentorship opportunity.  She told me to stop selling myself short, never say "I just" do this or "I just" do that.  Well, my work is a celebration of the exact opposite. It's about coming to terms with who I am and stepping confidently into my own skin. Knowing that I am Enough, just as I am, and hopefully a similar recognition for any and all who happen to come across these pages.🌟


My current next step is the launch of We Are Just Us. The vision is the evolution from "me" to "we" with the realization that we are all enough...JUST as we are. One spiritual awakening, one transmutation, one transformation at a time. Thank you for showing up and being here❤️

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