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The Art of Being


**Just Me** 
About & Subscribe

My name is Maria Vandenburg.


I once had a job interview where the CEO of the company pulled me aside to provide an unofficial mentorship opportunity.  🧐

She told me to stop selling myself short, never say "I just" do this or "I just" do that.  Well, my work celebrates the opposite.🌹


It's about authentically sharing: 

  • How I learned to love ALL of who I am. 

  • How I continue to move forward on the never ending journey of remembering that we are all enough. 


Knowing that I am Enough, Just as I am, and hopefully a similar recognition for any and all who happen to come across these pages.🌟

The Akasha Records Online Community

The intention is to create a sacred container for those who want to go on their own "Akasha Journey" to get to know their own Shadows. Akasha is the main character in first trilogy series which you can find more about here.


💃🏻 The Akasha Records Room🕺🏻is to provide a safe space to show up JUST as you are, happy, sad, angry, mad, joyous, in love, the whole spectrum of human emotions. To know that they are ALL enough... and welcomed and loved. Sign up below for more details as it all become more clear! ❤. 
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