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The Time: 1073 AD

The Place: Gibraltar

We enter an esoteric time where every human being has a 'Shadow.'  Shadows appear in animal form. Through working with them, we can uncover limiting beliefs and thoughts. We can integrate and love our wounds to transform and step into the authentic nature of our beings. However, in order to interact with and get to know our Shadow, we first have to be open to the idea of them.






Book One of Crown Jewels 

On the night of the December full moon, Akasha is grieving the loss of her first love, Raoul, and has a fateful meeting with a life-changing being.


A vision leaves her confused, having been told that she holds a great destiny, when all she really wants is to hold onto her sanity.


Tariq enters her life and her world is further upturned. How can she be so enraptured by him when she is still grieving Raoul? They learn of the Crown Jewels and how if used correctly, have the ability to completely transform the world.


Akasha and Tariq soon realize their destiny is much larger than themselves; a combined mission to bridge the divide that exists between the Worlds of Light and Dark. But are they willing to do the work and inner alchemy to dive back into the ancient ways? Are they willing to ultimately be brave enough to step into their destiny?


Crown Jewels: The Akasha Records is designed to go hand-in-hand with an online community journey formed with the intention to provide a safe space for you to get to know, embrace and love your own shadow. It's absolutely free to join - and you can find out more here:

You can order the book here:

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