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My Journey

I was recently in a Director's MBA Program at the University of Westminster in London, England.

My Portfolio for that program can be found here:


As part of that portfolio, I was asked create a Career Development Plan focused on the following:

      ✨ A critical evaluation of my personal vision and personal brand

      ✨ Discussion of my aspirations both immediately and following the MBA (for the next five years)

      ✨ Clarity of scope for my future professional development

I decided to capture that here as well to further clarify and affirm my vision. Sending myself through my own personal Theory U journey as a result of this MBA my immediate next steps were


       ✨ Launching We Are Just Us (my online community that knows we are all enough JUST as we are)  

       ✨ The publication of my first book - Crown Jewels: The Akasha Records

I talk about both in my "Space For Risk" MBA Final Presentation linked below:















I dive a bit deeper

My Personal Brand: Just Maria KV

Through my work in the MBA program and my completion of the U, I realized my mission statement is about embracing and loving myself, just as I am, exactly as I am. I had previously defined that when I launched this website, but I hadn't consciously connected the dots of the larger context.

The personal statement on the main page of this site still holds true:

"I once had a job interview where the CEO of the company pulled me aside afterward to provide an unofficial mentorship opportunity.  She told me to stop selling myself short, never say "I just" do this or "I just" do that. Well, this site is a celebration of the exact opposite. It's about coming to terms with who I am and stepping into my own skin. Knowing that I am Enough, just as I am, and hopefully a similar recognition for any and all who happen to come across these pages."

I absolutely love that years ago, before I was as awake and aware as I am now, I was able to tap into this. Even if the conscious awareness of it wasn't fully there as it is intricately linked to my life path.

My Aspirations and Vision:

I have been struggling with identifying my "what's next" for a while now.  What I have connected to recently, is that I don't need to have the entire future figured out. I just need to have my most immediate next step. A re-occurring mantra that I have found myself connecting to is "hold the vision, trust the process."

So what's my vision? I want to help everyone see that they are enough, just as they are. I want everyone to love all of themselves, what they've previously judged as "good" or "bad" - literally everything. I want to help guide and lead.

How am I going to get there? By trusting the process, following my intuition, completing what I feel drawn and called to, and knowing/believing that everything will become more clear as it's meant to.

What is my immediate next step? The launch and the release of The Akasha Records Room which will eventually serve as a container for the online journeys that go with the trilogy series. You can find out more about this here


That is my next step, as to what follows? 

All I can say at this point is that I have a feeling that this is just the start. As long as I continue to be open, trust,  and hold on to the vision that I have. As long as I continue to listen and act, I honestly believe the rest will unfold as it's meant to.

In 5 years time, I would love to be a New York Times best selling, internationally known published author who is hosting events, developing series, workshops, masterclasses, concerts, and retreats with my beloved. I really just want to be authentically helping in any way that I can. I want to help everyone remember and tap into the core of who we all are. Remember that we are all incredible human beings, deeply lovable for simply just being.


I know that ideally, I should have more of a concrete plan here, but in all honesty, a year ago, I wouldn't have been able to tell you that I would write my first course or that I would be publishing my first book. Part of my own personal development here is to surrender and trust, put my planning nature aside (which is very difficult for the Project/Program/Ops Manager who lives in me, prior to the MBA program, that has been my career path for the last 20+ years). 


What I am realizing though, is that I am being guided, even now writing out these words, So as to what the future holds, and what the definitive timeline and plan is? I honestly don't know, but I do know that if I continue to go within, listen, surrender and trust, amazing things can happen. As long as I hold true to my vision: to create the space for everyone who resonates with me, my voice, my vision, and my message, to embrace every single aspect of themselves, just as they are, and continue to embrace all of me, just as I am.

You can purchase my first book Crown Jewels: The Akasha Records (Book One) here:

You can out more about the The Akasha Records Journey (aka course/embodiment experiment here)

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