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Contact High: Living the Life ... 🎬✨

Updated: Mar 8

Hi ✨ Maria Elizabeth Khadija Vandenburg here... and I'm going to bring you back to the closing party of...

Contact High at MoPoP (formerly known as the EMP)

So background context

  • 💃🏻I have worked in the Seattle Events and Music SPACE FOR YEARS... all the way back to the inaugural year of the Gold and Platinum Pass Program at Bumbershoot AND Dark Productionz (may the DP girlz RIP... but to this day I am still grateful for Kim Epstein)

  • 💃🏻I am normally the person BEHIND THE SCENES orchestrating the event

  • 💃🏻I have loved hip hop pretty much as long as I have been able to breathe... I was even in a hip hop dance group in highschool at the Word of Life Christian Center... called "TUIC"

  • 💃🏻If you don't know.. now you know

BASICALLY... my journey recently has been learning how to receive

Contact High was my very first VIP Invite and I will always be grateful for it.

I have been a MoPoP member for the last two years. I signed up to be get invites like this.. and yet Jan 5th, 2024 was actually the very first event that I have been able to attend.

I met the gorgeous MoPoP staff who facilitated the entire thing AND I GOT TO MEET THE LIVING LEGENDS THAT Created... this exhibit 📸

I got to meet them all and express my deep appreciation. The most inspiring thing about the whole event???


So inspiring and I was so so grateful

🥂To Many More

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