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Grieving 🙏 Processing 🙏 Releasing 🙏 Receiving at SisterSpirit 2024

Updated: Apr 11

Let me introduce you... to Rev. Abigail Schairer and the

SisterSpirit 2024 Retreat at Seabeck

Forest Bathing at Seabeck
Forest Bathing at Seabeck

SisterSpirit 2024 Retreat at Seabeck

SisterSpirit was a direct download from "God" to Rev. Abigail over 18 years ago. The coolest part is that some of the woman there had been supporting this cause/vision/mission/purpose since the very beginning. It was truly magical. Case and Point?

I bonded with a woman named Jan who gave me a ride two and from the retreat itself. The next day (the first day of the retreat) she gifted me with something that makes me want to burst into tears every single time I think about it. Especially considering that I did not know her before the start of this retreat, I literally have no words for my gratitude, other than the fact that I have no words.❤️

Hosting my first in-person Workshop

I had the opportunity this year, to not only attend but to also host my very first in-person workshop for Becoming Authentically U and of course, I neglected to take any pictures. I will say though that I was grieving and processing (video on that below) and this two hour workshop in which a group of 8 of us (Power of 8, anyone? Thanks Lynne McTaggart) had some of the best and most vulnerable conversations in person to date. It lifted my spirits SO MUCH ✨

SisterSpirit Group Photo - I'm bottom right :)
SisterSpirit Group Photo - I'm bottom right :)

Highlights Include:

✨Meeting and connecting with the FABULOUS Karen Drucker,, not only is she an amazingly gifted Minister, Healter, Musician, she also provided so much energetic support (via music and her amazing beautiful voice) for us all. I was humbled by her, AND she held space for me to brave enough to perform at the Divine Expression talent show at the end of the retreat (video at the very end of this blog...)

✨Resonating so deeply with Rev D (aka Rev Deborah Johnson) message of the sacred yes. I asked about how I can sometimes live in a story of "What is wrong with me?" or there will be fear of being "left behind." She clarified that sometimes when the ego doesn't recognize something it will still latch onto it, to keep us "safe." In this case it was "Oh my Goodness, look at what a successful job we are doing at failing!" 🤣 🙈. I had to laugh, but I was grateful as it helped me to process and let go. I loved her bravery and her social advocacy

There were so many other "glimpses of God" as Rev D calls them, from the most touching baby blessing ceremony I have seen to date

Baby Blessing at SisterSpirit 2024
Baby Blessing at SisterSpirit 2024

To morning ceremonies to honor the Pleiades, evening sessions to embrace "black holes" aka transformation aka dark nights of the soul.

The amazing humans that put on this wonen's retreart were beyond extroidinary and I have no words for how grateful I was for the entire experience.

✨ I did not realize how much I needed this retreat until I was there, I did not know how to let go until I was surrounded by a safe and supportive group of Sisters.

✨ My life is changed because of it, as I am now dropped in on a deeper level than I have ever been before.

Rocket Man.. one of my favorite performances
Rocket Man.. one of my favorite performances

On the final day, we did:

A Quantum Leap Ceremony:

We were asked to pick 4-5 ancestors, and write theire names down on separate pieces of paper. We then closed our eyes, stood on the paper and asked a series of questions along the lines of:

  • "What is mine to do, next?"

  • "What's holding me back from believing in it, now?"

  • "Anything else I should know, or you would like to share"

With each question, we called in an ancestor, and MY OH MY (in the words of late great Dave Neihaus) was it powerful. Immediately following, I headed into the woods to ground, and recorded my thoughts here... notice where the sun decides to pop on through 🌞

SOMEDAY, I will master the art of the cover-photo, until then.. ignore the facial expression and click play to hear my raw and vulnerable thoughts.. in the moment.❤️

I felt so blessed and showered with love and gifts the entire time, both literally AND energetically. Often times without words. I came in a hot mess, and I left a hot mess, but one would is beginning to really understand and embody on a deeper level than I ever have, who I am and where we all come from.

Video of my (and the groups) performance of feeling good is below:

Interested in learning more about my personal journey?


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