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Listening to the Body

Updated: Feb 7, 2018

I feel like I have been on a whole new level of what I have been aware of lately, but what I have been neglecting is my body.

Today I decided to listen to it, by staying in bed.

The ironic part is that I know I made the absolute best decision for my personal health, but at the same time I still feel guilty for not physically being at work today.

Why is that? Why am I deciding that my personal health isn't as important as everything else?

I mean my awareness of that decision is important, and at somepoint today I am going to try and tackle the root cause of it (story of my life recently really, uncovering what's going in the wonderful little brain/mind of mine).

Items I have learned today

Blimey: to express surprise, excitement or alarm

Happy as Larry: really happy? I think?

Scattergon: building something in a scattered/un-organised manner

Blimey and Happy as Larry are direct quotes from another one of my MBA professors - Neil. I attended an all day workshop last Saturday that was all about social entrepreneurialship. Now, in addition to my job, my action research proposal and an upcoming research paper, I will also be working with a team to develop and pitch a Social Enterprise Program that will aid the church street market/edgeware road community of London.

Am I crazy?


It's ironic because in my early 20's I had FOMO (fear of missing out) of anything social. It was really hard for me to say no to going out, so I would literally be out every single night of the week (I am very sorry liver, please forgive me). Now a days? I have FOMO of missing out on something academically challenging. Who am I and what has happened to Maria?

So today, I am trying to make a point to rest. I will still work of course, and eventually do a bit more research for my action reseach proposal, but the most important thing that I need to do is take care of me.

I know this, and now I need to take action to actually do it.

Rest, breathe, reflect, repeat.




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