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Moving for the Planet with Daybreaker

So I've heard about elevated dance parties for a minute now, but I haven't felt comfortable enough in my own skin to attend, until this morning with Daybreaker.

Calm before the storm, the set up of Move for the Planet produced by Stella McCartney, Daybreakers and Adidas
Calm before the storm

With a 4:45 am wake up call, and Kinrgy starting at 6:00 am with the fabulous Julianne Hough, my body was NOT LOVING me as I crawled out of bed. But, by the time I left the Move for the Planet Daybreaker Event at 9:00 am it was so grateful, or should I say, I was so grateful. So thanks to the whole team: Stella McCartney, Adidas and of course Daybreaker.

We started off with a Kinrgy session with Julianne Hough. Julianne interweaved warming up and connecting to our bodies with the elements. Focusing on the earth, expressing my movements in the element of water, tuning into and tapping into my fire, consciously and intentionally. SO POWERFUL. Plus, I love her.

Julianne Houghs helping us to connect to our bodies
Julianne Houghs helping us to connect to our bodies

Next came the morning dance party itself. It took me a minute (and by a minute, I mean about an hour) to get out of my head and come fully into the moment.

As a child, I loved to dance. I literally loved it. I soaked up all the jazz and ballet I could. I created performance groups with my best friends, playmates, and neighbors. We would put on showcases at the playground across the street. OK, so maybe we didn't have an audience, and my choreographic as a 6-year-old may not have been academy award-winning, but I didn't care. All I cared about was the love, energy, and passion I felt through the movement. Daybreakers reconnected me to that this morning and I am truly grateful for that.

I feel like I have been on this spiritual path for a minute now. I'm pretty connected to the higher realms via meditation and going within. The disconnect for me though has always been with my body. How do I play catchup? How do I feel deeply and intimately connected to my own body? Of course, I love it for the spiritual vessel that it is, but how do I deepen my relationship with it, my understanding of it, my listening to it. How do I truly honor it? I witnessed the example this morning, through movement.

I loved it. I also loved every single thing about the organization that put it on. There was a closing meditation and sound bath and we were left with these cards.

I think coming into contact with this event struck such a deep chord for me because it's something that I ultimately want to do someday. Produce and create events that bring music, dance and spirituality all together in one place. No substances, just our essences. It was so powerful to take some time this morning and remember that, dance with my inner child, let go of my ego, focus on the elements, balance out the chakras, and most importantly just BE. Just be, me, in this wonderful beautiful crazy body that I have that loves me unconditionally even though I am slowly learning how to truly love it in return.



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