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My First Taste of the Non-for-Profit World

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Wednesday night of this past week, I finished the Non-For-Profit Module of my MBA Program. My group and I presented our work to the Trustee's and CEO of the Organisation that we had been working with for the last three months, Camden Carer's Trust. I think it's fair to say that my initial taste of this left me with, well, wanting more.

For the last three months, we have dived into the world of CCC. CCC is an organisation that is dedicated to making sure that "Carer's" are recognising their own needs and taking care of themselves. You might be wondering, what exactly a Carer is? I was, when we first introduced to this organisation.

A carer is someone who is actively taking care of someone else, be it their spouse, siblings, grandmother, family member, friend, etc. Over here, there is an organisation called the Carer's Trust who have Network Partners within the Boroughs of London. CCC is one of those Network Partners. I absolutely love this concept because it hits very close to home. I love that there is an organisation that is dedicated to recognising the needs of a Carer. There is a stigma associated with being a Carer over here, and half of their battle is getting people to understand that it's OK to recognise that you have your own needs. Their aim is to provide a reliable, supportive service for improving the quality of life, health and wellbeing for all carers in the borough of Camden.

CCC was my first taste at working with a company where I deeply believe in and connect with their vision. Now, don't get wrong, it's not like I don't like my current job, because I do. I am very grateful for the people I work with, the values of the company, and the opportunities that they have presented me with. I just loved being able to experience what it felt like to be able to contribute and support CCC.

Now, I am process of writing my reflection for this Module and what I am left with is gratitude. Gratitude to have been able to get to know the CEO of Camden Carers Centre and spend time with her, gratitude to have worked with such an amazing team to bring our solution to life and present it to their board, and gratitude to know that in just a small way we did make a difference for them. The CEO, Allegra, called us the dream team. I will always treasure and remember that.

So my first dive into the Non-Profit World was incredible, and I honestly hope it's only the start of so much more.

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