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The countdown is on - 3 weeks to go (eep!)

I feel like I have been counting down this move to London FOREVER, so it is insane me that there is literally only 3 weeks to go (I fly out of Seattle on August 2nd). There is still so much I have to do... AKA sort out my entire life.There are also so many things I can't actually physically do until I am in London itself:

  • Apply for a National Insurance Number

  • Open up a bank account

  • Physically meet my new roommate (or at least the person I hope will be my new flatmate, we skyped for 30 minutes the other day, which is record breaking in the world of Maria).

It's very hard for my impatient/planning nature! Patience is a virtue that I am trying to hone in on every single day.

So what I am struggling with currently is trusting that deep down it's all going to be OK. I know that it is, I know that I'm meant to go now a d start this next chapter of my life, but I'm still in essence taking a leap of faith into the great unknown, and it's a bit scary!

The great part about this move though is that I have three very good friends either in London itself or just outside, so I know I will have a good support system upon arrival. I also received this email from MBA Program Director the other day:

"Aside from our amazing location, one of the reasons why I think our accredited MBA is special is the highly personalised access for students to the team responsible for the design and development of the programme. Distinct from many MBAs our experienced team of practice-orientated academics and administrators will support you throughout your MBA journey.

We recognise that as experienced professionals you have a significant amount to contribute to our programme and in reality become co-creators of the MBA. Our class sizes are kept deliberately small so that you are able to share experiences with peers to help you achieve the most from the MBA. At the same time we do combine our various cohort groups so throughout your programme you have the opportunity to access a varied group of MBA peers. The invitation to participate in our wider Westminster MBA Community network through attending events such as MBA Tuesday Club, Personal and Professional Development Seminars and AMBA-related events all contribute to your experience. An MBA is designed to be challenging but it is also fair to say that in itself this challenge is rewarding. Prepare for hard work but look forward to illuminating insight into how far you can develop your capability, credibility and confidence."

So I know it's going to great, I know it's going to lead to great things. I just need to trust in the process.



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