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This is How this Will End in Unity and Alchemy

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

How about instead of fighting the system, we learn to withdraw from the system.

I've been feeling a bit hopeless recently. I've been a sensitive being the majority of my life, but within the last six months or so those sensitivities have drastically increased.

I've felt overwhelmed and hopeless because I long to help but don't know how, because the increase in violence and rage out there scares me (although I see how it is completely and totally justified).

So I felt grateful this morning to tune in to the work of Ralph Smart, I have linked the video below, but wanted to share his thoughts. He talks about how what we see before us on the world stage is a distraction, that anything not leading us to our purpose, that's not helping us to evolve to live our highest evolution of consciousness is a distraction.

  1. It's not just about protesting right now, it's about making life a permanent protest. Keep that protesting energy but not as Right Now, not as a temporary protest, but as life-long energy.

  2. Detach from the burning building, sinking ship, detach from the system.

  3. Make our whole lifestyle about truth, justice, and being free. Being free is our birthright.

He talks about how we are life, we are multidimensional spiritual beings having a human experience. I know this concept is a bit out there, but it is what I truly believe. We are more than our thoughts, more than our emotions.

Yes, it's OK to be angry and to be in rage but what I strongly feel needs to happen is to move from "attacking what we hate" and move into "promoting what we love." When we stop allowing ourselves to get caught up in other people's storylines.

So How do we do that? We Become Alchemists

  1. We Transform and Transmute - Change the negativity into energy that serves us. How do you that? Well this blog is a perfect example of that. Or Ralph says "instead of going into Facebook put your face in a book." He suggests taking a break from social media, and the news and tune into yourself.

  2. We Become Alchemists - What's the secret here? It's when we make the best out of the worse and never allow external events to govern our internal condition. We take responsibility for how we feel and we don't let anyone else control us. Because as Ralph says "Whoever Angers You. Controls You."

He goes on to share how we may be inadvertently and unconsciously making matters worse by all of our energy directed in fighting and in protest and giving it our attention. It reminds me of the words of Saint Theresa

As Ralph says it ends as we protect our energetic fields and go on the journey within.

1. Whatever we consume - consumes us. 2. The solution and how it ends - for every negative image we see, we should seek out something that uplifts our soul

What we feed our mind, is what we become. Ralph ends with "why live in someone else's world, when we can create our own. We are the power, we always have been, we always will be." we just often forget about that. Sending love and light to everyone out there. I know it's crazy and scary, but I am hopeful that we can rise into love. I love you all. Truly and Deeply.



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