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To Love Someone is to Take them on As Yourself

Updated: Mar 18

That's a quote I love from Teal Swan and a pretty good defining statement for my life in its current moment.

Remember when we thought life was challenging in 2019?

To say that these last few weeks have been a bit intense is a bit of an understatement.

I wanted to take a second to step back, slow down, and share what this journey has looked like for me.

Step One: Realizing our Interconnection and saying Enough is Enough It started with working through Day 26 of the 30 Days of Love series through Amy Leo. On Day 26 was the Intention of "I am Connected" - which focused on the idea that I (we) are all interconnected. It was on that particular day that George Floyd's death came into awareness and my heart broke for the black community. That thought and intention fueled this post.

It started with me saying "enough is enough" and having a heartfelt desire to want to help, but not knowing how

Step Two: Asking What is Mine to Do Next.

The next phase (which is currently going on in all honesty and actually will probably be going on for the rest of my life) was me realizing that it isn't up to anyone other than me to be the change I want to see in the world. So how I'm currently feeling called to do that? Well, I'm feeling pulled to show up, I'm being pulled to share what's on my heart (even if I'm fearful or scared of saying or doing the "wrong" thing or inadvertently or unintentionally offending or hurting someone. I'm also feeling pulled to educate myself, every day I'm reading articles and watching videos and tuning into podcasts. I've also joined two different study groups on the book "How to be an Anti-Racist." BUT I'm also realizing that my own experience, is my own experience and what you are feeling called and compelled to do may be completely different than my own. It's been about tuning into our hearts and learning to follow our own guidance and our own intuition. It goes back to my first sentence here, no one else can tell you what's yours to do next, and I recognize that all of our paths are different and perfect for us.

Step Three: Learning to Love "The Other" - that's what this whole blog post is about actually.

It's what I talk about in the video (linked above). It's learning to see myself within you and see you within me. It's also about being compassionate with myself as well for not having the level of awareness that I do now, so that way I can learn to truly, see and know something that I originally considered "outside" of myself AS myself.

Lots more to unpack here, but what I am feeling pulled to is learning to move "from me to we"

What does that mean? It means that when one of my closest friends posts this video of her exhausted best friend, my heart jumps into action. My heart is learning to see her as part of me, and hold her as she is longing and asking us to do.

Podcast Update below as well:

I love you all, I would love to hear how each one of you are doing? Let me know. ❤️



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