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5 Things I have learned at Workfront

My time as an Implementation Project Manager at Workfront is rapidly coming to a close. My last day with the company will be next Friday, Dec 20th*

I wanted to take some time to reflect on 5 Things I have learned/am grateful for with my time here:

1. That working as a remote employee doesn't actually suck.

I was incredibly nervous when I first started this job. Sure, I had had the occasional work-from-home day, but not in this capacity. While I was excited for my morning commute of getting out of bed, brushing my teeth, and walking the two feet from my bed to my desk; I was a bit daunted about the idea of training and getting up to speed without being able to physically go down the hall and harass someone if I was confused. While there was a learning curve, and it did take a bit to get adjusted to the world of zoom/video meetings, I found I could work remotely and actively thrive at it. Although, I do sometimes miss the banter of being in an office, which brings me to #2...

2. I don't know how I survived being in an office my entire career.

I honestly don't. Once a month the EMEA Professional Services team is asked to go into the Basingstoke Office so we can mix and mingle with the sales and marketing staff. Without fail on those particular days... nothing gets done. Nothing except for socializing that is. How on earth was I ever productive when I worked in an office 40 hours a week? It is amazing to me the difference in productivity levels, although I must say in my ideal situation it would be a balance of a few days in the office, and a few days at home in the comfort of my pajamas (ahem.. I mean business casual attire, of course).

3. The power in people that care.

I felt this both locally with my team in EMEA as well as globally with the Project Managers and our leadership. The culture at Workfront is incredibly helpful, people genuinely want to help you in any way they can. They are always willing to dive in and hop on a call if you have a question, or support wherever it might be needed. It was incredibly nice to always know that I was supported, both by the team I work with directly and honestly anyone I found myself interacting with.

4. The importance of living your values

Personally, this has been an incredibly powerful time for me as I have spent the last two years, while completing my MBA program, defining who I am at my core and what my values are. I have realized that they guide pretty much every aspect of my life. So it has been a really nice model for me to see how Workfront integrates them in pretty much every aspect of their culture. Someday, I hope to lead my own organization, or help lead one I am passionate about, and Workfront's integration of its values in practical and everyday life has been powerful for me to witness.

5. That I am a really good Project Manager.

I know that sounds like me tooting my own horn, but if you knew me at all, you would recognize how much growth I have made in the last few years to actually feel comfortable and confident enough to say that. Workfront has shown me that despite all of my fears of working remote, working in a new culture, switching to an entirely new industry, I have the skills to successfully manage the project. I know that I'm meant to lead and that's where I am headed next, but I have been grateful for this last year to really feel like I have mastered the skills of a Project Manager, it enables me to confidently take the leap to move forward.

Thank you Workfront for having me, I truly enjoyed my time here. I am grateful for the opportunities that you have presented me with, the team(s) that I have come to know and love, and I truly appreciate all of the support I have received so far as I make this first big jump.

*You can read about my decision to leave here:

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1 Comment

Petra Oltersdorf-Hupke
Petra Oltersdorf-Hupke
Dec 20, 2019

I will miss you and I will follow you here. Great Journey you have decided to take on! I wish you all the best. / Petra


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