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Karnak Temple: Connecting with Sekhmet

Updated: Mar 8

Sekhmet <3
Sekhmet <3

I have long loved Sekhmet, I first heard of her a few years ago in a guided meditation by a woman named Divine Harmony. The minute I connected with her, I become aware of her immense power, but also love.

She is known as a Goddess of transformation, but through destruction. I have personally connected with her as is a fierce, powerful Goddess who does destroy, but only that which doesn't serve you. She helps to elevate you to the next level by working with you to release and let go of what you need to, what isn't helping you. Powerful? Yes, incredibly, but also healing and loving, in a fierce powerful tough love sort of way.

A statue dedicated to Sekhmet stands within Karnak temple, and it is said to be one of the only statues that has not been moved from its original location. The energy coming from her is hard to describe (as in we saw orbs type of thing). What was amazing to me was when I stood in front of her for the first time, I was immediately brought back to my first exposure to her via a guided meditation. The connection, power and love I felt is hard to put into words, but it was a bit surreal to physically be experiencing something I had felt in a meditative state before.

Karnak Temple with Sekhmet
Karnak Temple with Sekhmet

Kathianne Lewis asked us to do something I loved. In addition to being an amazing Spiritual Director at CSL, she is also incredibly intuitive and can pick up on subtle energies quite naturally and easily. She felt the energy around Sekhmet was stagnant as people are constantly seeking her to "get something." She asked that we all focus on intentionally giving to her, so rather than asking for something, we were in fact sending our energy and love to her. It was a powerful thing to do, and also a cool concept to put into perspective.

After time with Sekhmet, I honestly felt like I was on another plane of existence. I'm not kidding. There was a "sacred lake" on the grounds and the sign said it used to be used for sound and healing,

Karnak Temple Sacred Lake
Karnak Temple Sacred Lake

I decided to give myself my own sound bath. I plugged in my head phones and walked barefoot around the lake. Then I proceeded to give myself my own tour of the place just being guided by myself.

Kathianne and Safaa called us all back together in the end but I felt a deep and powerful connection to the place and to Sekhmet herself. I remember leaving with such a sense of gratitude of the conscious connection and awareness of it all.

Up Next: We Return to Cairo, closing the trip by entering the Kings Chamber

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