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L is for the way you look at me

So my first weekend in London was spent at Bekah's Hen Do (bachelorette party), and the last was spent at her wedding.

I am also currently awake at 3:00am dreaming of actually being tired and able to go to sleep. BUT first things first:

Items I have learned today:

-Foxes are common animals here. I saw one from the train the other day and was really surprised. Reyana (my friend whom I met while traveling NZ) informed me of this and the fact that they "only eat Americans"

-Whingers (I'm really hoping that I'm spelling this right) = whiners

-Budgie Smugglers = speedos

-Bog Rolls = Toilet Paper

-Telly = Television - although I actually did already know that one. I grew up asking to watch "the telly" (I lived in London the first four years of my life, I blame that).

So to catch everyone back up to speed, my story last ended with my free reign of Reyana's place. On Thursday morning, I then headed about an hour outside of London to go to Bekah's family Hen do, that was organized by her sister Suzy.

I caught an early train and Suzy picked me up. We then proceeded to head to "Gnome Village" and dress up as Gnomes.

I actually kind of loved this place. I can't say it was one I would frequent but I am glad that I got to experience it. We had some tea and sandwiches, painted some Gnome's (mine actually didnt turn out terrible - I named him Bruce) and then wandered around the Gnome garden.

Second Destination was back to Bekah's mum where Suzy and family organized "tea" that was catered specifically to Bekah. We hung up pictures, attempted to put up a canopy (couldn't figure it out so we decided to call it a team bonding experience instead) and played some games.

Games consisted of creating an animal that reminded us of Bekah. I am more so a writer than someone who can draw and craft - so my "animal" ended up being a "creative expression of a glow worm" - can't stop inspiration when it comes to you now can you? haha.

Then we formed groups to make "cakes" for Bekah. Growing up, her mum hated baking so birthday cakes consisted of mashing already existing cake like products together. My team came up with the mushroom, I'm still in shock that we didn't win.

Final activity was scrapbooking and eating. I unfortunately had to step away to work remotely but I managed to snag a few delicious sandwiches and laughs.

That evening I spent the night at Bekahs mums so I could have the opportunity to spend some time with her. The next morning it was off to chase down some flowers, grocery ingredients and ties. While that might not sound like the best quality time in the world, I really appreciated the fact that I got spend just a bit of time 1x1 with Bekah in the days leading up to wedding. Plus, I also think I managed to keep her sane.

The next day I took a bus over to Reyana's mums (also in Essex in a place called Harlow). Her mum is fantastic and she cooked this INCREDIBLE meal for us. That evening we just relaxed and watched her mums favorite "Telly"

Saturday was the wedding itself. The wedding started at 4:00pm, so we had the day to run last minute errands, check into our hotel and get ready.

I love LOVE LOVED the wedding. Bekah looked insanely beautiful, i.e. cover of a bride magazine beautiful, I literally couldn't take my eyes off her. The venue was called Marks Hall. The wedding itself was outside in the garden where the wasps decided to keep us all company, but backed down for a hot minute during the ceremony itself.

Reception inside in the hall. When I left Bekah on Friday to head to Reyana's mums she was on her way to decorate the hall. It looked gorgeous. Suzy had also made 1000 (yes, you read that correctly) paper cranes. Toasts were followed by food, drinks and dancing, and then a cab ride back to the hotel.

It was all fantastic.

Sunday it was off to brunch to meet Mr and Mrs. Camm and then back to London which brings us into the present week.

As its nearing 4:00am now, I am going to attempt to try and sleep, but I am glad I did manage to update this thing. Wish me nice, happy, "you are sleepy, you are falling asleep thoughts" - I'm still working on getting my sleeping schedule adjusted.

Talk soon all :)


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