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Pamukkule and My First Hot AIr Balloon Experience💞

After two failed attempts in Cappddocia

  • 👣 The first where the winds didnt work in our favor, and after a sunrise coffee... it was decided that it would be unsafe

  • 👣 The second where it was just cancelled the night before

I JUMPED at the chance to go in Pamukkule... and it was worth it. Although the nextx destination I do a hot air balloon has be exoctic. Full stop.

We arrived to this, I did not realize how large the Hot Air Balloons are in person

We had over an hour of waiting... but it actually ended up being really cool because the group got the time to bond and we got to see all the nearby balloons go up which looks like this:

Eventually, it was our turn... and this happened:

Then we see a view of the salt lakes from the sky:

Finally it was time to come down, where they sprayed us with fake ass champagne, gave us an "official" certificiate and the day started. Actually, to be fair, they landed us in a ditch, we had to fly over another balloon on the way down, and we had to have a truck come and lift us out. It was a very eventful moment, and I loved every single second of it.

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