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What happen's in Vegas.. gets put on Maria's blog

Week two of being home for the holidays and I am currently writing from inside a Pyramid, the Luxor in Las Vegas.

I took my mother to Vegas for the holidays.

We will fly back to Seattle in the am.

First things first however - Items I have learned today:

Royal Wedding: I haven't found anyone that actually cares about William and Meghan Markle's engagement (other than myself). They just seem upset that they don't get a day off.

Get over: Get out of here!

Bossing it: I don't actually remember what this means, but I do remember the person who said it was shocked because "surely, it must be American" (whatever).

My time home has been a bit of a whirlwind.

I only had a few days in Seattle before heading down to sin city with the madre.

I have seen a few folks, but not nearly everyone I had hoped to.

Girls night at my mothers:

Reunion with some of my HackerAgency peops:

I also have two huge tests that are looming in the distance with my arrival back in London. My MBA Director has made it a point to say that they are just "timed assessments" - you know, because that is so much less terrifying than tests (insert smirk here).

One is focused on strategy. the other is on finance. I have had zero time to study.

I've been doing a great job of stressing myself out however!

BUT. It doesn't do me any good. I know this as well.

Vegas with my mother has been a blast. It's her first time. We explored the strip and Fremont, saw the Tournament of Kings, and had a bit of fun with the slot machines. My mother managed to win $90 from penny slots... I won $2. I still call that a success as I doubled my money. :)

Tonight we will venture out one last time before heading back to Seattle.

More to come in the next few days. I just wanted to send a quick update that I'm still here. Just over on the other side of the world, doing my best to try and not worry about everything that I need to do and people I want to see.



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