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What's My Story? The Forming of We Are Just Us

Updated: May 21, 2023

Today I presented in my coaching circle for U.lab.

What does that mean?

It means that I spent about 90 minutes in community with people who have really come to feel like family to be the case giver and share my story of the launch of my own company: We Are Just Us.

Being the casegiver in your coaching circle is one of the culminating events of the U.Lab Process. Yes, there is a lot that goes into the whole journey outside of those particular 90 minutes, however for that meeting, you are the heartbeat of your own individual U Journey, and you are sharing your pulse with others to tap into and provide support. The experience, like many things associated with Theory U and the Presencing Institute, is a bit hard to put into words, but I shall try.

So the first 15 minutes I presented my case, which is then mirrored back by the other coaches, leading to stillness, reflective journaling practices as well as a generative dialogue.

Those are a lot of words I realize you guys might not understand. I talked about my launch of We Are Just Us, and my sincere hope and intention to form a community that provides

  1. A safe space for people to show up just as they are, however they are feeling in the given moment, and to know that that is enough

  2. A cultivating ground for everyone. My hope is that others can experience my own journey. Which is to do self-development work, connect more deeply to who I am, my Authentic Self, and want to show up and share their own gifts with the world. I want to help others to shine, however it makes sense for them

I shared my fears and how I am constantly getting in my own way with my expectations and my rational mind's need to want to have a plan for everything RIGHT NOW. Also my ability to feel like I have to do everything on my own... RIGHT NOW. For example, part of me is currently trying to convince myself that I need to have ALL fundraising efforts, my entire marketing campaign, all branding, and videos complete as of this second. And anything less than that... is a failure. Pretty crazy right? Right.

I shared how I am constantly having to keep myself in check, and go back to my intentions and vision and take a deep breath.

After I shared we had a moment of stillness and reflection before the others mirrored back to me what they heard, and I was literally wracked with doubt. I wrote the following

"I feel anxious like I didn't portray myself well enough. I feel like my ego has taken over."

But as soon as I accepted those feelings, I felt another wave wash over me and I also felt into the collective presence of the other coaches and ended up with the following:

"I feel like I need to trust the process and know that all was spoken exactly as it needed to be and I said everything as I should. I release my expectation of what this all looks like and surrender to knowing that I will hear and receive exactly what I need."

And with that, we moved into mirroring where each one of the coaches told me what they saw/sensed/felt in metaphor through my words. It was quite a powerful practice actually that seemed to revolve around the themes of

Mirrors and Lenses: Providing a mirror/reflection/lense for others to see themselves

Roots and Trees: That this time is about cultivating the roots and that a lot of the work that I am doing right now with the core team of We Are Just Us isn't something that can be physically seen

Beautiful Kingdom: That is already here, that I am already cultivating simply by just being myself

Someone even saw me flying, comfortably, completely calm, enjoying the view, knowing exactly where I needed to go.

The generative space opened up next and what I appreciated was that we all seemed to receive something from it. Not just me, because we tapped into a shared field of possibility. It was really like all of our higher-selves showed up to have a dialogue with one another and we just got to experience the feeling of it.

For me, it was quite deep because I realized all of my fears associated with We Are Just Us are related to me, as in human me, rational me, feeling like I have to figure this all out by myself. "How am I going to get this profitable? How am I going to get the people in the space?" Etc.. etc.. etc... And while yes, of course, I will need to take actions and continue to do things, I stress myself out when I think it's my responsibility to figure it all out. What the group helped me to tap into today, to remember, is that it's my responsibility to surrender to my higher self and let her figure it all out.... to trust the process.

Hmmm... Trust. That beautiful little word seems to surface over and over and over again for me.

Long story short, I loved the coaching circle today for the reminder that I am and We are... exactly where we need to be, AND, That We Are Just Us is already here and making a difference in the world.

More to come!

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