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Why I don't Want you to Read The Akasha Records: Book Two

Updated: May 21, 2023

Every single day, I am waking up to power of the moment and also this particular juncture in time; the Winter Solstice. This has also shown up in my writing. In the first book I published, the two main characters begin their mission to "bridge the divide that exists between the World's of Light and Dark" on the Solstice. And now? I published Book Two: The Royal Heart on the exact same day.

What I have realized recently, but wasn't fully conscious of when I published book one, is that I don't REALLY want anyone to read them. While I have put a massive amount of energy into their creation (literally YEARS... I began writing The Akasha Record Series: in 2017), I am very aware this first trilogy series is about me figuring out my voice as an author. I know it would be a disservice to the work itself to not actually publish and release them to world. HOWEVER, they are very much like my babies, my babies I had no idea I was creating in the first place, and with whom I know will grow and develop over time, but are still begging to be released now.

So it is honestly with a bit of reserve that I am releasing The Royal Heart to the World. Book Two focuses on the two main characters, Akasha and Tariq. They had fallen in love at the end of Crown Jewels and realized they have this grand mission to save the world. They have no idea what that means. Book two begins in Ancient Egypt at a place called Lions Gate (that is the cover art of Book One - included above for ease of reference). What they don't realize is that they have to learn to fall completely in love with themselves, in order to really be there for one another, so the great work begins. Book Two we learn if they are willing to do the work to understand what it means to be The Royal Heart? And what exactly is A Royal Heart?

I will also be re-releasing the course material that went with Book One: Crown Jewels (formerly called 30 days of Authenticity and Becoming Authentically You) AND a course that is designed specifically to go along with Book Two: The Royal Heart... but details are yet to come.

For now, I just know I'm meant to announce the launch of my second installment of The Akasha Records on the Winter Solstice of 2021... AND the fact that I don't want you to read it 😂. I'd much rather prefer you wait a few years until I publish what I am calling "The Dark Goddess Series." BUT if you don't mind spelling and grammatical errors (even though this book has been edited quite a few times) and the fact that I am still figuring out my voice as an author, then click the link here... BUT don't say I didn't warn you 😘🥰💖

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