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4 Pieces of Advice from my Future Self

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

So my life in its current moment is all about envisioning my future and acting as if it's here now. That being said though, I fail at this ALL THE TIME. I am constantly finding myself thinking about

1. The publication of my first book

2. The community space that I envision and know and the reality of what is

3. Finances

4. The Unknown

And when this happens, I get caught up in fear, anxiety, and doubt.

Crystalizing the future
Crystalizing the future

The Exercise Itself: In case you guys want to try it out is to imagine that you are able to have a conversation with your future-self who has accomplished all of your life goals and dreams. What would they say to you? What advice would they have?

I can boil my advice to me into four different things

1. HAVE COMPASSION. It's important to me to recognize that there are always going to be ups and downs, what I can get more skillful at is how I navigate them. If I'm having a bad day? That's OK. Love myself regardless. I need to remember my growth and have compassion for myself in the process as I'm working through shifting, and integrating everything that is coming in and the transition that is currently my present.

2. BE PATIENT. I have been so guilty of being caught up in thinking that I need to have everything figured out RIGHT NOW. And the fact of the matter is. I don't. Part of my lesson at the moment is making peace with the unknown and really just surrendering and trusting the process. I can't control everything, no matter how hard I try to. I need to patient, release control, and realize that everything will come as it's supposed to

3. BE GRATEFUL. This is a concept that always helps to center me, finding gratitude. Even in my moments of struggle and my moments of pain. Everything is here to teach me something as long as open to listening and receiving it.

4. HAVE FAITH. Believe. That's what everything keeps coming back to over and over again for me. Belief. Faith. Trust. What do I want? Getting clear on that, the feeling of that, and releasing everything else.

I don't need to have my entire marketing campaign figured out for my soon to be published book, I don't need to know exactly what the community will look like when Crown Jewels and 30 days of Authenticity are launched. I DO need to have faith, realize I am infinitely supported, guided and loved (in levels that I will never consciously understand) and have compassion for myself in my present moment. Even if my present moment is a little freaked out and scared but working on surrender.

1 comment

1 Comment

Petra Oltersdorf-Hupke
Petra Oltersdorf-Hupke
Mar 05, 2020

Hi Maria, it is so fun to read your posts. It remind me so much about the time when I was at your age. All those doubts, and impatience. I remember also it got better, when I realised that the NOW is the door to tomorrow. Meaning if NOW feels ok, what you do, plan, whom you are around with, then the tomorrow almost comes by it self. If it doesn't then you need to fix the NOW before you take care of tomorrow.

You have taken a great step by focusing on your writing. You got my admiration for this! Greetings from the North/Petra


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