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3 Things Giving me Hope from Covid 19

With everything going on around us, all of the physical distancing, all of the fear, I have found focusing on things that are giving me hope to be an incredibly powerful practice, so I wanted to share three of those things with you.

1. The support for those on the front line from EVERYONE: This has shown up recently for me in different ways, but the most recent was the signing up of over 450,000 volunteers in less than 24 hours for the NHS Volunteer Army, as well as the UK's #clapforcarers (following the worldwide initiative) to applaud those on the front line. I really loved this because old, young, rich, poor, royal, commoner, EVERYONE has been banding together to thank, support, volunteer, help in any way we can.

2. The healing of the Earth herself: I loved coming across this post - it helped to shift my perspective and also think about using this time to allow her to heal and hopefully emerging from all of this with a deeper and more profound respect and love for her, which is also followed through with our actions.

3. The new ways that community is showing up: With the physical distancing, community is more important than ever, and we now have the technological ways to facilitate this. Personally, I have seen this with the opening up of Intention Inspired, Center for Spiritual Living Livestream services, and an increase in skype, zoom and video chat meetings. I also went to my first women's circle held online. We want to stay in contact, we are social beings and need that love and connection, and we have the means now to evolve what that

4. The time to go within to focus on creation: I have been using this time to not only work on my final revisions to Crown Jewels: Book One but to also dive into how do I want to position and market myself as Maria Vandenburg, what does that really look like? I've been grateful to have the space to focus on this and allow it all to emerge/come to completion.

So that's what is currently giving me hope. I would love to hear from you?

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