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30 Days of Authenticity: Final Relections

Updated: Mar 19

30 days of Authenticity. Day 30. I AM... I’ve held onto for a while now what I call my pillars or my “sacred signature” - it’s I am Love, Light, Power, and Balance. That still applies… but I have also added “I am here.” As a result of the last 30 days, I can now provide more definition to each one of the Words

❤️ I am Love: The nature of my being is love. It’s this foundational value/pillar which allows me to be with my pain in the same way that I have always been with my joy, with love, with compassion, with a warm embrace. I am love... But a love that extends now to EVERYTHING, even working through one of the most challenging months of my life.

🌟I am Light: This speaks to what Matt posted about in his Day 30 reflections. I define my light as my consciousness, my ability to see everything within me and around me, my ability to shine the light into the shadows but with my first pillar… I shine my light with love.

👑I am Power: I know a lot of people are uncomfortable with the word “Power,” but I have come to love the conscious awareness of how powerful my thoughts can be, and that power that has and continues to expand just expands as my consciousness does.

🌓I am Balance: This goes hand-in-hand with my personal definition of wholeness, how I am all things. I am “light” and I am “dark.” I am consciousness and I am unconsciousness, I am “positive” and I am “negative,” I have masculine and feminine within me, and the power I alluded to above comes from the balance and integration of them, the embrace of it all.

My whole world has shifted from this course, my whole world has shifted from this community. I’ve dreamed of the launch of my work into the world for the last three years, but what’s happened this month, the change I’ve witnessed within myself, the relationships I’ve been willing to let go of, the deepening connections I’ve experienced, the leaps of faith that I continue to do and this deepening sense of trust and connection to my higher self that I will carry from here on out… Her, and of course of you, as it really does feel like we are all here…. now

Day 29 I am Receiving: And 10 things I learned about myself or should I say remembered about myself are the following: What's interesting for me to observe is that even the third time around it's still hard for me to group everything I received from my work and willingness to engage in this course (and with all of you) into 10 things, but I shall try

☄️1. That I will continue to "remember" and "forget" things. That happened quite a few times during the course of the last 30 days. I watched the Authentic Moment of Clarity and was reminded of something I was aware of a year ago but needed to tune into now

☄️2. The Power of Love and Compassion. I had another A-HA a few days ago that the only thing that every keeps me from truly loving myself or others is judgement. 

☄️3. The Power in Staying Open. There have been SO MANY TIMES over the course of the last 30 days that I literally wanted to run to the hills. I am so grateful I didn't though, that I stuck with it, that I stayed in the weeds, that I expressed the pain, and that I showed up, because I never would have understood what unconditional love was if I did not.

☄️4. That the Acceptance in What Is can be tough, but it's necessary to move into what's mine to do next. Apparently I still identify really strongly with the 3 year old Maria who loves to live in a fantasy world where she is a princess. While it's beautiful to envision the future and what we want to have, I got caught time and time again by not accepting the reality of my situation. If I really do want to move into that emergent future, I needed to also take a look at my own life and accept and let go of some things that really weren't serving me.

☄️5. That I am always willing to dive deep because our unconscious thought patterns and beliefs really do run the show. Whenever I'm willing to dive in and identify the root cause/thought/feeling of whatever is going on and then embrace it, I'm always amazed at the difference in my life. 

☄️6. Naming some of "Shadow" aspects really helps! Case and point, I can now clearly identify Bianca (my perfectionist nature) when she comes out to play and I can work WITH her, rather than just never publishing my first book because I'm constantly trying to catch it up to who I am now and "fix" everything.

☄️7. All relationships in my life are reflecting back to me the level of love I have for myself. Am I honoring myself? Am I clear on my boundaries? Am I honoring my own needs? They mirror this all back to me, it's often unconscious on both ends, but it's a POWERFUL thing to observe

☄️8. I've observed my heartbreak literally open me up to the deepest connection I have EVER felt to both my higher self but also my inner child and I will carry that with me every single day.

☄️9. My excitement to sail off into the unknown in community.. with all of you.. whatever ends up happening next, I know in some way shape or form we will all remain interconnected. I'm still not comfortable in the unknown yet, but I am slowly learning to embrace it and truly just let go and trust.

☄️10. The power in community and in the "we." I've tapped into this before, it was the idea behind my desire to launch this community in the first place with Matt, and it's been so amazing to see it all become a reality and continue to blow my mind each and every single day. So thank you. Each and every single one of you out there. My life has been forever changed because of you.

What an insane journey this past month has been, reflections on the first three weeks are below (as well as details on how to sign up on your own 30 Days of Authenticity journey, if you should so choose:

Interested in learning more about my personal journey?


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