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6 Things Remembered As I Honor My Lineage...

Updated: May 21, 2023

Insert Marya Stark song here (linked below just in case you've never heard it)

So I have just returned from a whirlwind trip to Sedona, AZ to attend the "Lineage Retreat" lead by a woman I love named Dr. Sue Morter

Me exploring Bell Rock (where the retreat was held)
Me exploring Bell Rock (where the retreat was held)

Backstory: I found Dr. Sue at a different retreat this past November. I hadn't heard of her before I found her in person. My soul lifted in IMMEDIATE recognition (I'm not kidding, my heart pretty much flew out of my chest when she said hi to me in the buffet food line 😇). From there, it was a few body awake yoga classes (which you can find a few examples of on her youtube channel here), a key note speech and a a one-day intensive and I was hooked. I signed up for the Lineage Retreat at the end of the intensive. Full blog on the whole experience here:

Six Things I "Learned" at the Lineage Retreat: It's been almost a full week since I left Sedona, and I am EVEN NOW integrating the information I received (and probably will be for AT LEAST the next 6 months 😂). But I will did my best to capture some of the highlights below

Dr. Sue in the process of helping us to "build circuitry"
Dr. Sue in the process of helping us to "build circuitry"

1. There is ALWAYS a deeper evolution/remembrance: I can be SO HARD on myself when I notice a cycle repeating.

🎢 "How is this happening AGAIN?"

🎢 "Did I not learn this the first 20 million times that I went through the experience?"

This retreat showed me over and over (and over) the need for compassion and the reminder that the "repeat" is actually a reflection of my soul growth, and not the opposite end of the spectrum.

2. I actually "know" a lot more than I think I do. A perfect example of this was attending the body awake yoga classes Dr. Sue lead every single morning. I said over and over (and over - can you tell that I've lived in 'my mind' a good majority of my life) that I consider myself to be a "baby-yogi." I can get my right and left confused ALL THE TIME. The only thing that I'm pretty consistent at is remembering to breathe. HOWEVER, when I relaxed and just trusted my body to lead me into the pose, we would generally figure out the way and the flow. And on the reverse end of that...

3. I don't really "know" that much at all. I called this "beginners mindset" or a "growth mindset" while I was in my MBA program. It is so incredibly freeing to open up to the idea that even the things we think we "know" can always be expanded upon.

4. I am never really "getting in my way" - I can just create stories where I'm telling myself. I worked up the courage to ask Dr. Sue a question, which was a HUGE STEP for me. The first time I met her, I had a question, and I let my nerves get the best of me. Life then spent 6 months answering it for me 🤪. Vs. this time around, where it took Dr. Sue 10 minutes to give us all a super powerful answer which has subsequently changed my life. ANYWAY, getting back to point #4, EVERYTHING is an opportunity for growth.

5. Every single moment is the chance to begin again - to take a step back - to recenter - to come back to the power of the moment.

6. "Love the One Who": Dr. Sue's Answer to my question about how do I stay in the moment when my mind decides to switch gears. My example was I can be caught in a deep meditative state, or even just fully in the present moment to the point where I can't tell where I end and someone else begins, and all of sudden my mind will jump in there with:

✨ Announcements of how bored it is

✨ Thoughts about how hungry I am

✨ A repeated focus on how I have to use the restroom

✨ Reminders of all of the zillion things I have to do tomorrow

✨ Judgement of the fact that I can't stay in the moment

✨ This can't actually "be real" or "really happening"


I LOVED what Dr. Sue said: "Love the one who is distracted, love the one who is bored, etc..."

The example she used is that I am not actually "getting in my own way" (see bullet point number 4), what is rising is an aspect of my consciousness that just wants to be seen. So rather than judging myself being distracted, or getting mad at myself for having the thought, I simply just love it.

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE that happened over the course of the four days in Sedona with Dr. Sue and every incredible person that attended. What I have written above is what I was initially able to download and translate. Days were filled with morning yoga, afternoon "lectures" on Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt. Evenings were filled with stargazing, beautiful conversation, sound healing and some pretty amazing soul connections and remembrances (I have a feeling that will all weave it's way into the "Dark Goddess Series" - my second trilogy series). Meaning: MORE TO COME ❤️


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