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A day in the life of the Royal (Ascot)

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Just four more days left in London before I fly to Seattle on Sunday to spend the summer.

It's been an action packed last few weeks, starting off with

Items I have learned today

Blagged it: making it up/putting something together rushed and quickly, with minimal effort

Gets on my wick: Annoys me

Saturday brought me to a day with the Queen, and it was amazing.

No, I didn't actually talk to her, and I might have only been in the same physical space of her for all of 3 minutes. however, it was still one of the highlights of the entire day.

I was born in London, spent the first four years of my life here. My mother and I used to live right near St. James Park. One of my memories was of waving to the Queen. I was convinced in my mindseye that she saw me as she was standing on balcony of the palace. I seriously love the memories of 3-year-old Maria that live inside me, it's probably why the Ascot Races was so magical.

My friend Ashley, her fiance Kevin and myself ended up with tickets to the Queen Anne Enclosure.

Dress code: Fancy Dress and Fascinator

Maria's normal dress code: Not so much (I'm not kidding, I would happily get married in jeans and a sweater... I think)

But I can dress up when required. Ashley spent a Saturday with me a few weeks ago to make sure this happened. After trying on 37 dresses (or what felt like it) and moaning about how none of the shoes she wanted me to wear fit, I ended up with the following:

I took my final exam for my MBA the day before the races, so the race was my treat. After work on the Friday, I headed over to Ash's for a slumber party so that she could do my hair and make up in the morning.

We left bright and early to camp out in the champagne lounge, greet the queen on arrival, and catch a few races.

I departed early as I had a group project and packing to focus on the next day, but it was an incredible day.

I actually really enjoyed dressing up, I loved being around people I love, the energy from the horse races themselves was incredible, and knowing that the Royals were there (even if I wasn't actually interacting with them) made it even more special.

Now I'm back trying to complete everything I need to in the next few days. I'm about 90% packed, I have a charity coming to pick up 6 bags of clothes and household goods (not entirely sure I managed to accumulate so much stuff in my two years here but c'est la vie).

And I'm also working on getting my final international paper over the line.

I'm very much forward looking to Saturday evening though, where I go to my new "home" in Seattle and will switch gears to get three projects that I am incredibly passionate about out into the world:

  • 30 days of Authenticity for Intention Inspired

  • Crown Jewels: The Akasha Record (my first novel - it will be a trilogy series, I'm also hoping to finish book two this summer)

  • My final Dissertation which is about my own personal journey through C. Otto Schwarmer's Theory U - all about consciously connecting to who I am at my core so I can better show up in whatever context I need to

It's been a really chaotic last few weeks, and honestly there have been moments where I have felt incredibly overwhelmed, but then there have been moments like last Saturday, and the fact that I'm slowly working my way through it all. These make it all worth while.

It really be interesting to see what's next.

Hope everyone is well out there <3

To stay up to date on my journey, please subscibe (there should be a subscription box immediately below this blog).

I'll love you forever... well I will probably do that anyway but still <3


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