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Celebrating my Mother's 75th with Family Research

My mother turned 75 on September 14th, and I told her that I would take her anywhere in the US she would like to go. Her top choices were New Orleans and Salt Lake City. I advocated for New Orleans, and yet, here we are in the FamilyResearch Center looking up our ancestry 😘

My Mother's Kiss from a Llama
My Mother's Kiss from a Alpaca

We arrived the day before to our very first synchroncity:

  • 🏗My mother LOVES cranes (literally... her Instagram name is CraneLadySeattle)

  • 🏗We get to the hotel and tell us that part of it is "under construction"

  • 🏗We go to dinner and come back to find them installing a crane INSIDE the hotel

I was blown away! The one day of the entire year that they do so just happens to fall on my Mother's Birthday.

On the birthday itself, we started off by thrifting.. My mother got a hat and a pair of sandles... and I upgraded my entire business wardrobe. 💃🏻

Up next, we learned that there were 3 days left of the Utah State Fair. We had to make a brief appearance where we both managed to receive a kiss.

My own kiss from the Alpaca
My own kiss from the Alpaca

Finally, we ended the birthday celebration with my mother's very first trip to Benihana... If you have never been before... I HIGHLY recommend

My mother and I at dinner
My mother and I at dinner

Our second full day was a day of rest... followed by dinner with an old friend that I literally have not seen since Highschool. It was such a delight to see David and meet his beautiful wife and kids

David and I (we did plays together in HS)
David and I (we did plays together in HS)
David's Family and my Mother
David's Family and my Mother

And today? Brings us to the moment that makes my heart so full... my mother experiencing SO MUCH JOY as she makes her way through her father's and mother's family records. I already knew that I was named after my Great Great Great Grandmother, and I just learned another fun fact... Apparently I am Mary/Maria Vandenburg The Third (see census record #4 below)

More Photos of my mother thoroughly thrilled to come soon... once she approves of them 😇

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