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Chapter Two... I think?

Life still feels a bit chaotic at the moment.

It's as if I have all of these grand ideas but now I need to get to the point where they are no longer just ideas in my head but actual physical tangible things that I can build and grow upon.

And it's getting them from Point A to Point B that is giving me pause.

But, of course to start Items I have learned today:

Cut the Mustard: The ability to get something done/live up to a certain standard.

Manky: Dirty - my boss offered me her "manky apple" the other day.

Had a bash: made an attempt to do something - said like "I had a bash at it..."

Give me a bell: Give me a call

Since I have written last I have successfully completed my very first MBA Module - Board Roles and Decision Making and survived the stress of my "timed assessments."

I am still waiting on my final "marks" (grades) - but my work is all completed.

I have also concluded my time on campus for my second MBA Module - Board Mindset.

Video of us recently is below.

I commented earlier on how this video really is a pretty good analogy of my life at the moment. I'm given a certain amount of time to achieve a specific objective (in the case of the video it was to build a chair with random pieces and no instructions), I'm placed in a team, and then I am asked at the end of it to take that leap of faith and trust that what is built is stable and true. Or that the team will catch me if I fall.

What I am struggling with at the moment is the next deliverable for our Board Mindset Module - our Action Research Proposal. I have an idea of what I want to do - work towards the publication of my first book. However where that "book" currently stands and what I invision the finished product looking like are two very different things. And the amount of personal development that I need to do to bridge the gap between the two, as well as apply academic models and concepts is huge. I am absolutely passionnate about it though, because the book is really a reflection of me. But what I'm struggling with is capturing the physical/tangible plan of how to get there. Luckily this proposal isn't due for a few more weeks and I have an incredible team to bounce my ideas off of.

But it does feel like the start of chapter two. Chapter One was completing the first module/semester of this MBA program, moving over to London and starting a new job. Chapter two is really the further writing, development and now recently identified academic incorporation of the Maria story.

There is obviously a lot more to come.


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