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Creating the Life I want to Live

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Ever made a vision board before?

I hadn't before last weekend. But I met with Jessica Rockson from Rocksteady Coaching and I'm a convert.

And now? Well, now I would like to incorporate it into my birthday festivities in August if that's at all possible.

It sounds a bit weird, but honestly it was amazing. The focus and energy on thinking about what you want and then having the space to find images to visually and physically represent it and "get it on paper" was incredible.

It's a practice I plan to incorporate into my life now.

Even if it does make me a weirdo.

Items I have Learned today:

Smashing/Smashed it: Doing really well

Not Precious: I don't really care - said like "I'm not precious about it"

Belter: A way of describing a song

Over-engaged: Full/packed

Here's the final product.

  • The left side is all about inspiration for my writing and being able to finish/publish my first novel - however it ends up manifesting itself

  • The center is about wanting to make an impact, but not from an egoic space. I want to make a difference because I want to help people to see that they aren't alone, that we are all going through the same thing and can hopefully help one another along the journey

  • The right is about saying yes to my next relationship and knowing that it will be magical.

  • And finally the top right is about being able to travel and opening myself up to new ideas, people and inspiration.

My favorite piece of the vision board at the moment is the quote next to my face about books. It reads: "Books have healing powers. The right character, in the right novel, read at the right time, can sooth heartbreak, ease anxiety, and make you feel a little less alone in the world"

I absolutely loved that because ultimately that is what I am hoping to do with my book - inspire others and let them know they aren't alone.

More to come


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