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Excuse me, May I have your Attn Please?

So I present to the Executive Committee (aka the board) of my current company tomorrow.

I knew this was coming. I knew I would play a part in four different boards for four different companies.

HOWEVER, I thought it would be over the course of the two years that I will be in London, and specifically through my MBA program.

Not within my first 8 weeks of my new job at my new company!

I know it's a good thing.

They had an "Exec in Conversation" meeting a few weeks ago which really helped to humanize all of them. It actually made me want to work on building relationships with quite a few.

However, that doesn't stop me from being some what nervous and intimidated.

It's all about the growth though right? Me stretching uncomfortably beyond where I'm currently at. I mean if I'm going to start my own business some day, then I need to be able to confidently speak to a board now. So it's good. It's just nerve wracking.

But to take a step back. ITEMS I HAVE LEARNED TODAY:

Coppa: a police officer - also provides some great comic relief when you have been studying said Metropolitan Police for HOURS

Bashing away: plugging along

Slopey Shouldered: You pass the responsibility on to someone else - said like "she's quite slopey shouldered isn't she?"

Emojis: the British folk LOVE THEM. I feel like I have spent more time trying to figure out which one to use or what they are trying to say than actually communicating. I've been involved in ENTIRE conversations that are just emojis. Maybe it's like this back at home and I some how succesfully managed to avoid it. Now? Not so much.

I actually gave my first "official" board presentation a few weeks ago with my MBA program. It's captured above.. that was literally a few moments before I took center stage... and it went really well! So I mean by now I should be an expert right?

I think the main thing I am realizing is that I second guess myself way too much. We took these personality profile tests at the residentual a few weeks ago and one of my themes was that I have a lack of confidence in my own judgement, which is ironic because it went on to say that my judgement is usually pretty accurate. There were also positive things like I am in touch with myself and my world, that I recognize everyone's individual strengths and do my best to motivate and encourage them, that I'm good a defusing tense situations, etc etc.. However, this week has been a lesson of "stop doubting yourself Maria.. you've got this!"

So that's what I'm telling myself. I'm telling myself that tomorrow, my first executive committee situation in a professional context, is going to be a great opportunity for me to shine.

I'll keep you all posted!


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