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Final 6 Months of the MBA

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

I was walking around in London today and I realised, I am on the final chapter of this current version of my life. That is so insane to me.

I moved over to London from Seattle in August 2017 to start a brand new innovative Director's MBA program at the University of Westminster.

Throughout the course of the last two years I have served (in a shadow capacity) as the CEO for Eurostar's service arm Momentum Services, as the CFO for an entrepreneurial educational company called Performance Learning and just yesterday I closed out acting as the Human Resources and Organisational Development Director for a Non-Profit Organisation called Camden Carer's Center by presenting to their board.

I have one module left, where I will be acting as the Marketing and Operational Director for a yet to be named client that is based in Taiwan. Then it's my final dissertation and this journey comes to a completion.

So much has changed for me since this start of this program. I have grown so much more into who I am and who I am meant to be. I've started to wake up and come to a state of acceptance to the fact that there is so much more for me than what I am currently doing. I have written (and am currently in the process of editing with my mothers help) my first novel which I will aim to try and publish by the end of this year. I have connected to myself on a deep level and continue to expand and grow daily. I have gotten to a place where I am embracing (rather than running away from) my fears. I've realised that I will never be perfect, but I am OK with that. I am OK with being perfectly imperfect.

I try and live in a state of gratitude, even if in the current moment I'm struggling to make peace with something or another.

I really am honestly a completely different person than who I was when I first moved over here.

It's so insane to me that this program will come to a close soon. I have been so grateful for all of its moments and the incredible people I have met throughout it. The relationships that I have and continue to build, the work that I have completed so far. All of it.

I know I haven't been great at updating this blog, so I will try and make a point to do that more frequently.

I guess tonight I just wanted to take a moment to check in and see hi. Let everyone know that I'm OK.

That it's crazy to me how much has happened over the course of the last two years, and I am really so excited for what's to come.

And that also includes you, for taking the time to read this <3

To stay up to date on my journey, please subscibe (there should be a subscription box immediately below this blog).

I'll love you forever... well I will probably do that anyway but still <3


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