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Finding my Voice through my Podcast

So this week I did it, I looked my fear of vulnerability straight in the face and said: "let's do this!"

The result? I have started a daily podcast.

It's a bit strange because I never really know what I'm going to say in it, but every single time I've recorded, something powerful and healing for me has come through.

In general, with my time back in Seattle, I've been finding I'm going through this pattern of pushing myself too hard. Overwhelming and finding the need to forgive myself. To then being gentle and really trying and get to a space of not constantly pushing and "doing" but just trusting and being.

The podcast has been such a healing experience for me though because through talking it whatever it is I'm working through, I'm able to connect into whatever lesson or thing I need to hear in my current moment in time because I've been open enough to receive and connect with it.

I'm not sure if I'm making any sense here, but it will be a really cool experience for me to look back at it all in a few months from now and be able to tune into the start of this particular journey I'm finding myself on.

If you guys would like to tune in and follow my Podcast you can find it here:

I'll be recording episode 6 here shortly!


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