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Honoring the Transition - Trusting the Process

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

So I am writing this from my new "home" over the summer in Seattle. I have an apartment in an area of town called South Lake Union and I am honestly loving it.

My life in its current moment is all about transition.

I am in the final months of my MBA Program. All I have left is a reflection paper for the International Board Experience, a Career Development Plan, finalising my MBA Portfolio and my Dissertation.

In addition, I am also working on publishing and bringing to life two projects that I am incredibly passionate about

-30 Days of Authenticity for Intention Inspired

-Crown Jewels: The Akasha Records (my first book)

I talk about both in my Space for Risk Presentation for school which you can find here:

I am also in the process of covering a maternity leave for work and I am finding myself incredibly grateful for my job. Not only am I surrounded by amazing people, my work has allowed me to spend the summer at home. It's allowed me to be in a new fresh space as I work on bringing to life all of these things that I love.

On my third night here I was asked to dinner with my boss, my team lead and my original mentor.

Carrin, Laura, Shannon and I at Pike Place
Carrin, Laura, Shannon and I at Pike Place

It just reminded me how grateful I am for exactly where I am at.

I stumbled across an online masterclass the other day by Gabrielle Bernstein (the author of the Universe has your back). One of the things that she talked about was honoring the transition, honoring where you are. Not rushing the process, but being grateful for everything that is. That is honestly where I find myself in the current moment. So grateful to be able to shift gears and spend some time, energy and attention on the final pieces of my MBA program, the final production of 30 days of Authenticity and the publication of my book, and all of the amazing people, things and connections in my life.

Side note, author query letters, bios, book proposals and synopsis's are no joke! I'm just starting to dive into trying to find a literary agency/agent and or publisher for Crown Jewels and it's work! If you want to send me some "I'm going to find an amazing publisher for Crown Jewels" juju... I'll definitely take it. You know, as I'm in the middle of honoring everything that is <3

To stay up to date on my journey, please subscibe (there should be a subscription box immediately below this blog).

I'll love you forever... well I will probably do that anyway but still <3


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