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I came to Egypt to Remember...

Updated: Mar 8

I recently got back from two weeks in Egypt put on by Quest Travels and Center for Spiritual Living. The theme of the trip was "Birth, Death and Transformation." Our final night was spent in a private ceremony in the Kings Chamber in the Great Pryamid on the Giza Plateau.

After my Re-entrance from the Kings Chamber
After my Re-entrance from the Kings Chamber

There were many magical events leading up this finale (which you can read out during my 8 previous entries on Egypt).

What I loved about this final evening though, was the sense of wonder that went along with it. The sense of stepping into the unknown, releasing and "dying" to one aspect of ourselves to then rise into something new. It all sounds very dramatic, but it was actually quite subtle, but incredibly powerful none the less.

First we climbed up these steps:

Stairs up the Great Pryamid.  Photo Credit: Malissia Woodall
Stairs up the Great Pryamid. Photo Credit: Malissia Woodall

Then we had 20 minutes of silence and meditation in the Kings Chamber to release/let go/die to something, to then rise into something new

Looking Up. Photo Credit: Malissia Woodall
Looking Up. Photo Credit: Malissia Woodall

And on the way down we ended up in the Queen's Chamber (thanks to a reminder from Ahmed at Quest travel) where we ended up in gratitude and tones (literally, we sang and it reverbed throughout the Chambers and building)

One of the exercises during the first few days that Kathianne Lewis (Spiritual Director of CSL) had us do was group up and ask one another "What we came to Egypt to remember." I am finding the need to record some of that here to portray some of what that final night felt like amongst my newly formed traveling family.

I came to Egypt to Remember:

  • Who I am

  • The Power in the Stars

  • Magic

  • Mysticism

  • The Great I AM

  • Oneness

  • Stillness

  • Love

  • Light

  • The Power in All things

And the last one which I absolutely love was "how to bridge the divide that exists between light and dark." I love this because it is the theme of my final installment of the Crown Jewel Trilogies, it's the mission that the two main characters complete. Although I am still developing my conscious understanding of everything that unfolded, I loved the tie-in and connection.

I knew that Egypt would be a powerful place for me, and ultimately it was. It allowed me to pay attention to what I need to let go of, and allow the space to rise into what's to come.

I will forever be grateful for it. The community I went with and the guidance and love from Kathianne, Safaa, Ahmed and everyone at Quest Travel. Long story short, I can't wait to continue writing about my experience and remember what I'm meant to.

As we all emerged from the tunnel one of the guards looked up and greeted me with a "Welcome Back." A huge smile appeared on my face, "Thank you, it's good to be back."

Egypt, I love you, and I will see you again soon <3

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I'll love you forever... well I will probably do that anyway but still <3

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