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Just me and my MBA Family

Items I have learned today:

-Bespoke - tailor made.. i.e. made specifically for you

-Grubby - seedy

-Crack on - get on with it/keep going

So I have just finished my first 3 days of my MBA. The program officially started three weeks ago, however this is the first time that all of us has physically gotten together since orientation.

Highlights from the three days include:

-My Finance Professor (pictured above) informing us that Accounting is an Art not a Science - and then proceeding to talk about slave trade in Bulgaria, the fact that it's not OK for his wife to want to spend $1500 on a Victoria Beckham purse but it is OK for him to spend $7 on a fish pie (weekly for the last 3 years - which amounts to $1092). And finally that if we fail, he would love it if we "failed spectacularly" because anything else would just be a disappointment.

-Having the first two days at the Hellenic Centre - it was actually really nice to be outside of campus

-Learning about a "residentual" where we will all literally go and spend the night in Greenwich in a few weeks. I've never heard of a school related slumber party.. but I am actually really looking forward to it.

-The fact that multiple professors complained about the undergraduates and how much of a mess they are. It was actually really amusing. It was almost as if they wanted to see them fail. It made for some great laughs.

-Forming our first small group/board and getting our first officially graded assignment.

It's been an eventful three days. What I've loved most though is the people in my program. I've been really blessed lately to have people enter my life who automatically feel like family.. right from the get go. And it's the exact same thing with these group of people. I genuinely care about each and everyone of them and I want to see us all succeed.

I still worry about making sure I have time to get everything I need to get done, done. But I love that I feel like I have an MBA family now.

So that's where I'm currently at.. although I really should be reading up about the Metropolitan Police (our first assignment) rather than updating this thing, but c'est la vie :)


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