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Living the high (tea) life

Updated: May 19, 2018

I have found in the last couple of weeks, things have seemed to slow down a little bit. Giving me the chance to breathe and really try and focus.

This has also lead to stress because I'm still finding that I don't know what's next. I'm not entirely sure what I want my focus during this MBA program to be. Who do I want to build relationships with? What type of networking do I want to do? What type of challenges do I want to navigate through and build upon? What ultimately do I want to end up doing? As someone recently said - I need to get real with what I want, and I'm finding it rather tough to do it at the moment.

SO - I've been doing my best to try and slow down, breathe and pause. I know it will all come together in the end and I really need to focus on enjoying the present moment, but the planning nature of Maria seems to think otherwise.


Looks Swish - looks really good/fancy

Wanky - posh/nice (apparently... doesn't really sound like what it should mean)

Flaming hell - a more politically correct way of saying bloody hell

You alright? A greeting said the same way we would say "how's it going?" Instead of processing and staring dumbly for a few seconds the appropriate response is to answer and repeat the question back to the person who asked you.

Chew the cud - Discuss/regurgitate information if you will. Learned about this one right after I finished eating my lunch (thank goodness).

My friend Clem (who I spent a week with in Kent before the school year started) came down to go to high tea with me at the Dorchester. It's mid term break, which means we attended "Sleeping Beauty Tea." So we had sandwiches, and cake, and tea, and a youth ballet all in one. I've never experienced "tea" before (outside of making myself some in the comfort of my own house). And it was also really nice to go to the Dorchester - even if I did have some random man call me a Princess and tell me that "I think too much" on the way in (no joke, this legitimately happened - then he asked for money and I ran away, more or less).

The last Friday of the month all of the galleries over here do this thing called "Friday Late" where they stay open late and have Special Exhibitions. I hadn't been to the Tate Modern yet, so I brought Ashley (a fellow MBA "participant") to check it out. We went to a "silent disco" although instead of music - it was words, attempted to find the Yoko Ono exhibit and saw a wrecking ball in a nutshell

I have been trying to break my habit of just work and school and school and work. This week I have successfully done that. I hope to continue to be able to. I mean I'm living in London now, I really do need make sure I'm actually making the time to experience it (rather than the various coffee shops or my living room lol).

Next week will mark 3 months that I have been here, which in and of itself is kind of nuts, as it literally feels like it's just been a few weeks.

Anyway, I need to get back to the books for the time being, but did just want to take a second and update and say that I'm doing my best to try and slow down and enjoy everything that's going on around me... and not stress myself out about what's next :)

Key word here = trying <3


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