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On Forgiveness

One of the most recent intentions with 30 Days of Love was "I am Forgiveness" has allowed me to surface quite a few wounds within myself that I am working on integrating. I wanted to share my process.

I was inspired by the words of Amy Leo when I was reflecting on how I wish there was a magic forgiveness button. Here is what she said

"Next time you are in a spacious state-of-mind - i.e. you are in a good mood - perhaps try to peel the onion a the direction of simplicity? 

Can you be in pain and still forgive? 

If that still feels impossible at this moment... 

Can you and I keep learning how to:

✅Acknowledge human imperfection in others - to see this as a default of the human condition.

✅Even while still in pain. Even when we theel (think+feel) resentment...can we admit that all human beings can only operate from their own level of consciousness in any given moment?

✅That is it always a 1:1 ratio between level of consciousness and behavioral action in any moment. If we determine that to be realistic, then those that have hurt us, literally and physically couldn't have acted differently...

✅If that is true, then their actions have nothing to do with us simply because we can't control his/her level of consciousness. We can't get into their brain and spirit and do some spiritual re-wiring and handiwork right? (😆No matter how badly we wish we could!)

Maybe forgiveness can be as simple as admitting, experiencing an embodied acknowledgment, that he/she is only human. And so are we! 

Perhaps, I can be angry, hurt, resentful for as long as I want, and still recognize the impersonal human factor in all of this. Maybe I don't have to let go of my hurt or judgment. I don't need to believe what he/she did was ok in ANY way - in order for the edges to soften internally regarding the situation and person."

And I appreciated that so much because the wound I am currently working on "healing" or integrating as I like to say, is my Father Wound. Getting to a space where I see that it isn't actually personal. That I don't know the full story. I might not ever know the full story, and I have to be OK with that. I need to forgive and release and let the story line that I have been telling myself my whole life go.

Not entirely sure if my words are making sense so I also recorded my thoughts above.

Finally, it's not too late to join us for 30 Days of Love - just click here.

Sending love and light to you all.


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