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The Land of Fine Horses: Cappadocia

Updated: May 21, 2023

For those of you just catching up to speed (Hi! I'm Maria), I'm just filling everyone in on my two week adventure in Turkiye. It started off with a return to Istanbul which you can read all about here:

Up next was a flight to the second place in Turkey I had already been: Capadoccia

Fairie Chimnies and the CSL Group
Fairy Chimneys and the CSL Group

More Fairie Chimnies
More Fairy Chimneya

Capadoccia is known for it's "fairy chimneys" and cave hotels. Don't ask me why they are called Fairy Chimnies. What I can tell you is that there are TONS of pigeon houses. Photographic Evidence Below

Piegeon Houses
Pigeon Houses

Highlights of The Land of Fine Horses and Saints

The Underground City:

Thousands of years old, and said to have held up to 10,000 people in hiding, the Underground city was just as crazy the second time around.

Me in the Underground City
Me in the Underground City

Crawling through caves that are roughly half the size of my body, venturing out to the animal storage, kitchen, altar, sleeping areas, etc. Even the air shaft seemed to be created my some amazing technology.

Underground City Kitchen or Altar?
Underground City Kitchen or Altar?

Underground City Room
Underground City Room

What amused me about the trip was the amount of conflict between the tour groups. How on Earth could thousands of lived there when we could barely figure out how to navigate through with less than a hundred. 😂

Let me bring you on the adventure:

Moi... Come along.. Take a Ride... To another....
Moi... Come along.. Take a Ride... To another....

The Cave Hotel: Utopia

It was love at first sight. Even though parts of this amazing cave hotel are still being constructed, I still realized that I could honestly live there. Working remotely from Utopia? Yes, please.

Utopia Hotel
Utopia Hotel

The place was set up like a labyrinth with lots of hidden knooks and crannies.

It was like every I turned, I discovered something now.

We gathered that first night in Capaddocia for a group sharing session. For context, I went to Egypt with Kathianne and the Center for Spiritual Living in 2019, and some of the most powerful moments of that trip came out of our group sharing. You can read about that particular adventure here:

We went around and shared what we were going to accept for the trip.

Hot Air Ballooning

This was something I regretted not being able to do the last time I was in Turkiye. It was around $100 back then and 20 something-year-old Maria decided that was WAY too expensive 🙈

Unfortunately, I was unable to rectify that this trip, although I did try. Our first morning we managed a 5:00am wake up call, only to have the winds be unsafe. The second morning was cancelled. I write this because I have heard that this is one of the most amazing places to hot air balloon on the planet. SO, if you ever happen to be in Capadoccia, invest the money and the time. I guarantee you it's worth it.

Goreme Open Air Musuem.


The old cave churches, the frescoes? It felt like I was walking along with my ancestors. What's interesting at the Goreme Open Air Museum was that the churches date back to the 10th, 11th and 12th centuries:

Up next? A visit to the land of Rumi... Konya


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