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The Power of the Mind, Heart, and Intention

Tomorrow I start a six-week Masterclass with Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton and Lynne McTaggart called "Technology, Evolution, and Consciousness" and I'm incredibly excited about it.

In advance, I've been tuning into the three interviews of them - which if you're curious you can find them here

As Bruce Lipton says: What are you Building? What are you Thinking...

Here are my three main take-aways

The Power of the Mind: The mind is translated by the brain which then creates a manifestation of the picture in the mind - so it's important to pay attention to the signals that we are sending. The brain is the interface between consciousness and the body. To simplify this - the brain is like a computer and our thoughts are our operating system, and we download programs by what we observe in the world

The Power of the Heart: Heart Coherence is a term that came into my consciousness about 6 months ago from the wonderful work of Jennifer Mizel (if you haven't heard of her before, you should check her out, I love her). The idea here is that our heart has it's own brain and we can tune into it to make sure that our brains and our hearts are in alignment. When this occurs we enter a state of heart coherence and magic can happen. Now I know what you're thinking. That's great Maria, but how do I actually do this? How do I enter a state of heart coherence? I started by using guided meditations, one that I particularly like is here:

Now I have done this enough that it is part of my morning practice on my own. What I have found has been transformative, when I tune into the energy and power of the heart, my fears about how I'm "thinking" about things seem to dissolve. How I deal with the resistance and fears that come from knowing that I create my own reality comes from tuning into, learning from and leaning into the guidance and love of my heart.

The Power of Intention: I've known about this one for a while now, I mean, I am working for a company called Intention Inspired. Lynne McTaggart has done a number of intention experiments to scientifically prove that we can alter matter with the power of our intentions. I tune into her weekly intention sessions on her Facebook page to envision the decrease of Covid-19 and the healing of the planet and it has been INCREDIBLY powerful and healing for me (they are every Weds). Our intentions can be so powerful if we cultivate our awareness of them and are conscious about setting them. She talks about our ability to influence the future as it unfolds and the power of altruistic intentions. The idea is, that when we intend for others we actually receive as well. I have personally experienced this and my world has been forever changed.

Who knows what these next six weeks will hold for me, one thing is sure though, I will be sure to fill you in on the ride!

Make sure you're subscribed to stay up to date, and thank you for checking in and being here.

I love and appreciate each and every one of you.❤️


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