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The Value of Time (Management)

So I have officially survived week one of the new job and week one of the new MBA program.

The Verdict? I am going to have to VERY carefully manage my time here.

For example, this weekend, I had planned on participating in Wanderlust on Saturday (a 5k run, followed by 90 mins of yoga, followed by 30 minutes of guided meditation). HOWEVER, I ended pretending that I am the CEO of Tesco to pull together a boardroom agenda with a team of 5 other "participants" from my MBA program. Not quite how I envisioned spending my weekend, but at the same time, it has been kind of incredible.


Hoover = vacumn. I have just spent the last 15 minutes "hoovering" the stairs while cooking my califlower breakfast. Who the hell am I and what happened to Maria? haha (Maria from 6 months ago would have spent the last 15 minutes debating on which show on netflix to watch next.. while munching on McDonalds)

Chundering = throwing up. My boss told a fabulous story on Friday of how he had to sit next to someone on a plane who was "chundering" the whole time.

Jab = shot (as in a medicine one, not alcoholic). So there are signs all over the place to get your "Flu Jabs" which may or may not amuse me.

I started on Monday as a Project Manager in the technology department of a publishing company. Within my first 5 minutes, my boss informs me that he is actually leaving the company at the end of the year.

I shouldn't really be all that shocked though, as the exact same thing happened to me at the Advertising Agency I worked at in Seattle (I was my bosses very last hire).

I really like the company. Everyone has been SO helpful and approachable.

I will be working on a wide variety of projects and teams. What I most excited for is that moment when I feel the whole "I've got this - why was I ever worried in the first place?" It's only day 5, I can't expect to be an expert week one. Also, working in publishing and around books is incredibly fascinating to me as well (as eventually I hope to publish one). So, it's been good, and it helps that I love the people I have met so far.

My MBA program has been good as well. As I am part of the launch of the program there have been a few hiccups with figuring out the schedule and the exact days I will need off from work, as well as wrapping my head around the assignments/structure and what the program itself really looks like. However, very similar to my job, it's only week one. I can't expect to fully understand all that's expected of me and needed at the very beginning of the course.

One thing that I am incredibly excited about with my program is the assignment of my mentor. I have Professor Vlatka Hlupic who I wrote about in my last entry. She is fantastic because so much of what she speaks about is how I try to live my personal life, so to have it applied it professionally/in a business sense is fantastic. She was already going to work with all of us for our "Space for Risk" (a part of the program that is ungraded but challenges us to do something outside of our comfort zone) - now I will just get the opportunity to work with her a bit more.

So life is incredibly BUSY at the moment. I'm having to rethink previous commitments that I have made in an effort to keep my head above the water, and have had times this week where I have felt a bit overwhelmed. BUT I am still loving every single moment... even if it is crazy and chaotic and I have no social life :)


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